August 20 2014

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Wigging Out At Betsey Johnson


For people who thrive on consistency, Betsey Johnson must be something of a personal hero—you can always count on her to dole out the crazy twice a year when fashion week comes around. A master of showmanship, her backstage antics rival that of a big-top circus, with cartoon drawings and inspirational messages hanging from the walls and an explosion of confetti, candy, and color—everywhere. With “Tinker Bell gone punk” for Spring inspiration, Betsey’s hair and makeup team were given license to “go a little crazier than usual,” said Redken stylist Italo Gregorio. For him, that meant wigs—bright bobs with bangs, to be exact, in varying shades of insane, including hot pink, electric blue, and purple. A tricky business in and of itself, we asked Gregorio if he had any tips for proper wig wearing, in the off chance that perhaps we too wanted to play punk Tinker Bell, just for a second. Here are his tips:

—Apply a leave-in conditioner from roots to tips, so that while hair is under the wig, absorbing heat, you can create the effect of a moisture mask, for silky hair later.

—While some people prefer a bun or ponytail, Gregorio relies on the French braid as his style of choice for underneath wigs—two braids actually, one from each side—to distribute the hair accordingly.

—Spray your wig with a bit of Redken Spray Starch before flat-ironing for a smoothed-out effect.

—Steer clear of raging open fires (punk Tinker Bell’s synthetic hair is most likely quite flammable).

Photo: Marcio Madeira