August 20 2014

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5 posts tagged "Tokidoki"

Party In A Polish Bottle


Nail polish innovation is at a high right now. Never in the history of polish have there been more ways to paint, sculpt, and bedazzle your fingertips with everything from no-mess overlays and long-lasting gels to artful hand designs and 3-D embellishments. Even more exciting are the clever way brands have started packaging their lacquers. Now you can get mini bottles in an ombré set, or a rainbow of full-sized colors with built-in files and small tubs of polish-removing pads. It’s a manicure-lover’s market, to say the least—and Tokidoki means to capitalize on this with its new Nail Confetti & Stickers collection for Sephora. The Italian brand born from anime and bred for beauty has just launched six different shades of glitter-clad varnishes, each of which comes equipped with a set of six different stickers for your press-on pleasure. The polishes themselves are quite sheer and work as a top coat over a basic cream color or alone on a bare nail in two to three coats. And the stickers, well, they go with everything; hearts and crossbones are the new neutral.

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

It’s A Charmed Life


We’ve never been much into anime, but there’s something undeniably adorable about Simone Legno’s Tokidoki characters. Whether they’re plastered onto iPhone cases or laid onto skateboard decks, the Italian artist’s cast of illustrated characters gets us every time. Of course, we’re most susceptible to their appearance on eye shadow and blush compacts. Since Legno paired up with Sephora last spring, we’ve fallen victim to a series of fun-filled releases, including this summer’s roller ball fragrances and any number of cactus-eared, skull-shaped designs that are emblazoned onto lip stains, liquid eyeliners, and the like. Legno’s latest cute coup comes by way of a new limited-edition Pittura Brush Set. Cast in 24-karat gold, the four-piece collection includes the Ciao Ciao Star Powder Brush, Latte Eyeshadow Brush, Adios Star Smudge Brush, and Unicorno Eyeliner/Lip Brush, each of which comes with a set of corresponding baubles that dangle off the tip of the handles—and, as we just noticed, are entirely removable. That’s right; stringing together your very own charm bracelet is entirely within the realm of possibility, thus making the 2-in-1 holiday gift a reality. Joyful joyful, we adore thee.

Photo: Robert Mitra

Gwen Gives A Shout-Out; Christy Eats Bread; And More…


L’Oréal spokeswoman Gwen Stefani has revealed that her signature platinum blond hair comes, perhaps unsurprisingly, straight from the L’Oréal hair color box. “But I won’t reveal the number,” the rock goddess said, admitting that she does her roots “as often as Marilyn Monroe did hers.” [USA Today]

Maybelline face Christy Turlington Burns is training for the New York marathon, and in addition to taking leisurely 21-mile jogs on the weekends, the supermodel has found another new favorite past time: eating carbs. “That’s my job right now,” she says. [WWD]

Topknots are Hollywood’s hair trend du jour, according to Us Weekly—something we pointed out, oh, a week ago. Just saying. [Us]

First there was a beauty line, and now Italian illustrator Simone Legno’s Tokidoki is getting its own Barbie. Staying true to the skate punk-meets-anime culture that spawned the brand in the first place, the doll has been designed with manga tattoos and a frosty pink bob. Needless to say, Skipper is terrified. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Getty Images

Tokidoki Does Roller Girls


That we are suckers for cute packaging isn’t news. But since Italian artist Simone Legno applied his adorable anime cartoons to lip glosses, lip stains, and eyeliners last spring, debuting his Tokidoki line exclusively at Sephora, our preoccupation with festive tubes and compacts has reached new heights. For summer, Legno has done it again, designing six fragrance roller balls, each with its own unique scent and colorful character bobble head. Adios, a black hoodie-wearing skull face, boasts notes of lemon leaves, pink grapefruit, day lilies, and peach skin; Ciao Ciao is wide-eyed with a pink hoodie and packs a mix of water hyacinth, sheer jasmine petal, and a unique shower accord; and Sandy has cactus ears and rainbow bangs and smells of pear blossom, freesia, honeysuckle, and amber musk. Donutella’s donut ears are fitting for her sweet raspberry, jasmine, and vanilla juice; Adieu, with her little red beret and neckerchief, is a fruity floral with hints of blackberry, tiare flower, and cashmere woods; and Siberia, a Siberian tiger (what else?), sports a silver crown and features aldehydes, white orchid essences, and dry notes of white musk. In case the decorative caps didn’t tip you off, the entire collection is a bit young. But that won’t stop us from toting these little guys around—or at the very least perching them prominently on our desk.

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

Tokidoki’s Animation Domination Comes To Sephora


“I’m not an anime freak or anything,” Simone Legno insisted over ear-drum popping bass beats at Arena nightclub last night as we sat in a corner as far away from the speakers as possible, craning our neck to hear the Italian artist speak. The man behind Tokidoki, the Japanese-inspired brand that features bubbly illustrations plastered across everything from wallpaper, clothing, and accessories to zip drives, iPhone cases, and now makeup, sure could’ve fooled us. “My work is my life,” he continued, “so whatever I experience, I draw inspiration from.” Growing up in Italy during the eighties, Legno was bombarded by Japanese animation, which infiltrated popular Italian culture at the time. His unique fusion of classic Japanese art, cute icons, and Italian stereotypes “like Vespas and pizza” eventually caught the eye of Pooneh Mohajer-Arnold and Ivan Arnold of Hard Candy Cosmetics. The couple convinced Legno to move to L.A. six years ago, and his brand was born—with the addition of a newfound SoCal vibe that has added traces of “bling-bling, celebrities, and positive energy” into the mix (so that’s why there was an indoor half pipe equipped with skateboarders on the club’s dance floor).

Legno’s colorful cast of hand-drawn characters ultimately attracted Sephora as well, and over the course of the next few weeks, the beauty giant will roll out the latest Tokidoki brand extension: a full line of cosmetics decked out in Legno’s playful packaging. “It’s made for an everyday lifestyle,” the newly minted makeup maestro says of his collection, referring, we presume, to the range’s tamer, multi-use offerings, like its truly exceptional Perfetto Eyeliner—a felt-tip liquid liner pen that comes in a glorious array of colors—and the Fantastico Lip Stain, a chunky marker that can double as a cheek stain or eye wash. “On the weekends, you can become a different person, though, so there are playful elements, too,” Legno added with a smirk—hence the Prisma Lip Gloss, which has a separate compartment of sequins in shapes like skulls, stars, and diamonds. In essence, it’s a collision of Tokyo and L.A. street style, in beauty form. Yes, it’s OK to be afraid and intrigued all at once.