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Is the Tracy Anderson Method Putting Your Ponytail at Risk?



Over a platter of Nutella French toast earlier this week, hair pro Andy Lecompte (the go-to guy for A-listers like Madonna and Penélope Cruz) revealed that the Tracy Anderson workout puts as much strain on your strands as it does your muscles. “Guess what happens when you bounce around like that?” he asked the breakfast table. “Your ponytail breaks off.” Dedicated followers like blond bombshell Gwyneth Paltrow and rainbow bright Nicole Richie are particularly at risk because their hair is routinely processed, leaving it brittle and more susceptible to breakage. His advice for Anderson’s band of followers (or anyone who hits the gym on the regular): Apply a moisturizing oil (like Wella Reconstructive Elixir, on shelves in July) and gather your length into a topknot. You’re going to sweat anyways, so you might as well forget about sustaining your blowout and treat your hair to some much-needed hydration instead. His other fitness tip (and secret behind his own hot bod): “I started breathing.” Who needs sustenance when you already have air?

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Jessica Alba Reveals Her Post-Pregnancy Body-Bounce-Back Secret; Gwyneth Talks (More) Health And Wellness Tips; And More…


As the fallout from Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Most Beautiful” title continues to play out, more and more details are surfacing about the minutiae of her extensive diet-and-exercise regimen. Tracy Anderson Method is in, as we discussed yesterday, as is aerial yoga. Running, however, is a firm no. “Tracy says it builds square quads in a woman, better to do dancing,” says Paltrow. As for her skincare regimen, it’s all about Ilia organic oils. “I am obsessed,” she says. [Elle UK]

While Paltrow’s regimen made her post-pregnancy journey back to the perfect body look easy, Jessica Alba chose a slimming road less traveled. “I wore a double corset, day and night, for three months,” she reveals of her struggle to lose weight following the birth of her daughter Honor. “It was sweaty but worth it.” [Net-A-Porter]

Butter London, the cheeky British nail brand responsible for No More Waity, Katie, a lilac glitter greige polish created in homage of Kate Middleton’s engagement to Prince William, has just announced the launch of Pitter Patter. The dark amethyst lacquer is a tribute to the arrival of the couple’s first child. [Refinery29]

Salma Hayek is making some smart business decisions with her CVS-stocked beauty brand, Nuance. To further her belief that “every woman should be entitled to preserve her youth, no matter what her background,” Hayek has teamed with Birchbox to offer a Nuance-sponsored box that will be shipped next month, at no additional cost, along with subscribers’ monthly Birchbox. [WWD]

Fêting The Blow-Dry Bar That’s “GOOP And Gwyneth-Approved”


“Everything here is GOOP and Gwyneth [Paltrow]-approved,” celebrity hairstylist David Babaii pointed out last night as he sat in one of four salon chairs at the opening party for his eponymous blow-dry bar located inside Tracy Anderson’s new 8,500-square-foot Brentwood, California flagship studio. For the hair guru, who has worked his magic on Kate Hudson, Ryan Reynolds, and Angelina Jolie, in addition to Paltrow, the decision to open a blow-dry bar with his muse, and now business partner, was a no-brainer. “Gwyneth said, ‘Do you want to do a blow-dry bar?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ She’s always been an amazing muse. And I’ve lost over 100 pounds in five months because of Tracy, so it was an easy decision,” he joked. “It’s just good business to provide that added service,” a Victoria Beckham-clad Paltrow said when she stepped onto the black carpet as guests and Anderson enthusiasts like Molly Sims, Kim Kardashian, and Stacy Keibler arrived. “We just wanted to create an experience for women that was top to tail, so they could go from the studio to work.” And the location can’t be beat, Anderson added. “It’s west of the 405, which I just really wanted to stay away from,” she explained of the wellness destination that now joins her Studio City space. “Gwyneth grew up in LA., I’ve lived on and off in L.A. for many, many years, and we wanted to bring something to this side of town. We wouldn’t do something this big without debuting a lot of my new research and development on how to get people healthier, more well, more connected, faster, smarter, and better than ever.”

At 700 square feet, the blow-dry bar is decidedly smaller than its gym counterpart. But what the Windsor Smith-designed space lacks in size, it more than makes up for in quality products, which have been created by Babaii and will launch at the salon next week (and on his Web site next month). A fervent supporter of animal welfare, Babaii’s 19-25 dollar range, which includes hydration and ultimate volume shampoos, a polished creme serum, the boho beach spray, and an instant straight smoothing balm, is cruelty free, and is also devoid of sulphates, parabens, and petrochemicals—which makes an increasingly green Paltrow plenty happy. So how much time does it take to get the blonde starlet camera-ready? “Twenty minutes,” according to Babaii. “She doesn’t give me more than that! But I’m fast. My team and I have learned to get you in and out quickly.” This speed, and what he calls the bar’s “feel good, no judgment” vibe is what Babaii says will keep the Brentwood studio members happy.

Tracy Anderson Studio and David Babaii Blow-dry Bar, 11918 San Vicente Blvd., Brentwood, CA;

Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/ Getty; Azadeh Ensha

Gwyneth Paltrow Gets In on the Blow-out Bar Boom; Pink Hair, Two Ways; And More…


Rachel Zoe, and now Gwyneth Paltrow has announced that she is opening a blow-out bar with her partners in wellness, trainer Tracy Anderson and hairstylist David Babaii. The David Babaii Blow Dry Bar will live inside Anderson’s Brentwood, California, studio. [People]

You saw the teaser last week, and now Prada has released the first part of its three-part Wes Anderson- and Roman Coppola-directed short film for its new Prada Candy L’Eau. To be continued… [YouTube]

Jay-Z protégé and Cara Delevingne bestie Rita Ora has chopped off her hair. The burgeoning R&B star revealed a new shoulder-grazing bob this morning. [Daily Mail]

In other hair-evolution news, while the ombré color trend may have died down for the time being, Frances Bean Cobain and Dakota Fanning did not get the memo; both have embraced pink strands of late. [ and]

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Madonna’s Ex-Trainer Lashes Out; MJ To Be Immortalized In Fragrance, And More…


“I think we all know when a celebrity is going to do something that is in an industry that they’re not in, they’re just doing an endorsement. But I think that you wouldn’t want to go to a man who plays a doctor on TV to get prescribed something, would you?” —Personal trainer Tracy Anderson on former client Madonna’s decision to launch her own chain of Hard Candy gyms. Nope, she’s not bitter or anything. [Daily Mail]

Looks like Marilyn Monroe won’t be the only dead celebrity inspiring a new fragrance this year. Julian Rouas Paris is set to launch a perfume duo in homage to the late King of Pop, called Jackson’s Tribute for men and Jackson’s Legend for women. Both scents have been licensed by Michael’s always-willing-to-capitalize-on-his-children’s-success father, Joe. [Independent]

It’s been all about the guys here at as we move from Milan to Paris for the continuation of the menswear shows. But in Germany, where Berlin fashion week is under way, the women have taken over the catwalk, and there are already some, er, interesting beauty looks to discuss. Case in point: At A.F. Vandevorst, the hair team pulled a Margiela circa Fall 2009, showing back-as-front tresses on the runway. [Ok! Magazine UK]

Gwen Stefani is just one new addition to L’Oréal’s wide-reaching roster of celebrity faces. Last night, Eddie Murphy’s daughter Bria was named spokesperson for L’Oréal-owned Dark & Lovely, the leading hair relaxer brand for women of color. [WWD]

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