August 31 2014

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Twiggy Takes Her Wrinkles In Stride; The Fancification Of Drugstores Rages On; And More…


Twiggy is embracing a “getting old gracefully” mantra, publicly swearing off Botox while adhering to a time-tested skincare regimen that includes a “heavy, thick English cream” and “popping a packet of frozen peas” under her eyes to reduce bags. However, she does admit to being open to some youth-enhancing procedures, extreme Photoshopping, we gather, chief among them.[Stylelist]

As anyone who has been into a Duane Reade recently can attest, drugstores are upping their game. On-site makeup consultants, eyebrow bars, and niche product ranges are just a few of the things you can expect to find at your local purveyor of toothpaste and other such necessities. Fancy department stores, be afraid. [WSJ]

The beauty industry’s ever-growing green movement now mandates that it’s not only what’s on the inside that counts. Prepare yourself for a “sustainable packaging” onslaught, one that will hopefully include more of those boxes embedded with seeds that sprout when planted. Love them. [NYT]

File this under things that will likely be making its way to an infomercial near you soon: the “bumkini” is a bra for your posterior designed to be worn under pants to provide the kind of derriere that could’ve earned you a spot on the Prada Fall runway. Curves are in, don’t you know? [Daily Mail]

If the vinegar smell proliferating out of the bulk vats at the Whole Foods Market on Bowery hasn’t already tipped you off, fermented kombucha tea has become a wildly popular beverage to soothe what ails ya—from boosting your immune system to better digestion and everything in between. Never mind the fizzy sour taste. That’s how you know it’s working. [NYT]

Photo: Joel Ryan / AP Photo

Twiggy, Still Making Headlines


Twiggy quips that Olay’s Definity range is her “secret for brighter-looking eyes” in a new ad campaign for the company’s antiaging line, but the 59-year-old model’s strangely wrinkle- and blemish-free skin suggests that other covert operations might also be at work. At least that’s what one governing body in the U.K. thinks. In what’s poised to be the biggest uproar yet over the ongoing issue of Photoshopping in mass media, members of the British Parliament are calling for a ban on digitally altering ads aimed at children under 16, and disclosure of these modifications in ads aimed at adults, reports Jezebel. The house’s more liberal types have even gone as far as to recommend compulsory “media literacy” lessons to teach kids that such images should not be viewed as realistic portrayals of beauty. Seeing as how government legislation on advertising encroaches on free-speech territory, we’re curious whether similar regulations would ever fly stateside—and furthermore, if they did, would you support them?

Photo: Courtesy of Olay

Will The Real Coco Rocha Please Stand Up?


Joining fellow catwalking legends Twiggy, Pat Cleveland, Erin O’Connor, and Agyness Deyn, Coco Rocha confirmed her bona fide fashion superstardom last night as she was put in plastic by the Rootstein mannequin company. In what we can only assume was a move to laugh immortalization in the face, the Canadian model arrived at her synthetic counterpart’s celebratory debut in the flesh—and as a redhead. (Apparently, this town’s not big enough for the both of them in brunette.) Thoughts on the new color job?

Photo: Gabriela Maj/Getty Images

chloe does twiggy in miami


When the famed Fontainebleau hotel reopened in Miami Beach this weekend, a bevy of stars flew south to toast the updated renovations on the Rat Pack mainstay—including perennial downtown stylemaker Chloë Sevigny. Sporting a matte orange lip and some seriously defined lashes, she seemed to be channeling the early sixties, rather than the fifties of Sammy Davis and Sinatra’s fame. No matter though; if anyone can straddle eras (and manage to wear mascara on their lower lash line, sans smudging), she can.

Photo: Marion Curtis/

the swinging sixties—alive, well, and trolling the streets of midtown manhattan


Street Beauty / Twiggy

Street Beauty / Twiggy

“I saw a picture of Twiggy and thought, ‘I want that,’” this 28-year-old theater company publicist says of her short hair. She added a bit of cream blush to the apples of her cheeks to get the icon’s full look, but apparently called it quits at Twiggy’s signature spider lashes—which may have been wasted on Fifth Avenue’s power-lunching set anyway.

Photo: Ben Ferrari