August 21 2014

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R.I.P Yves, Tyra Says Farewell, And More…


Yves Rocher, a pioneer of plant-based cosmetics and the founder of the eponymous natural beauty company, died of a stroke on Saturday. The green beauty movement will always be in his debt. [WWD]

New developments in the “Because he’s worth it” trial. Liliane Bettencourt, the 87-year-old L’Oréal heiress, is refusing to undergo psychological evaluations to help establish whether she was lucid when she made photographer François-Marie Banier the recipient of “gifts” valued at about $1.44 billion. This one will run and run. [WWD]

In other L’Oréal news, the French company has a suggestion for your 2010 book list. Its new 100,000 Years of Beauty comprises five volumes of essays by more than 300 academics, writing about cosmetics and aesthetic preferences since the dawn of time. As for future predictions, girly girls beware: It’s all about androgyny. [Allure]

With new year’s resolutions on the mind, some Sarah Palin followers are wondering if the politician will “go rogue” with her hairstyle in 2010. Curious as to what she’d look like with, say, the Hillary Clinton? Click here for an entertaining exercise in Photoshopping. [Examiner]

First Oprah, now Tyra. Banks has announced that this will be the last season of her acclaimed talk show. But the tapeworm-diet, etc., exposés will hopefully continue on the big screen; Tyra is launching her own film-production company with the promise to “help us all feel as fierce as we truly are.” [People]

Don’t be surprised if you encounter an army of Avon ladies and Mary Kay proselytizers should you venture to the Far East any time soon. Direct-beauty-sales operations—among other things—are flourishing in China. [NYT]

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A Chanel Fragrance Shocker; Tyra’s One-Woman Beauty Brigade; And More…


An attempt to smuggle 20,000 bottles of counterfeit Coco Chanel perfume worth about $1.6 million into England has been foiled. The bottles, which were headed for stores in time for the Christmas rush, were en route from China when they were seized by U.K. Border Agency officials. There’s nothing like a designer imitation to ruin your holiday. [Evening Star]

Tyra Banks has already tackled the hot-button issue of real hair on her show. Her next eye-opening mission, termed the Beauty Inside and Out Campaign, will use a catalog of video submissions from fans to help broaden our definitions of beauty. Tyra is for the people! [Examiner]

New week, new celeb fragrance launches. Beyoncé, Eva Longoria Parker, and professional race car driver Danica Patrick will all debut signature scents this Spring. Ladies, start your engines. [WWD]

Hair care millionaire Farouk Shami has announced his Democratic candidacy for governor of Texas, promising job growth through the manufacturing and installation of solar energy panels in every community. Hey, he did wonders for Biosilk….[Houston Chronicle]

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Baby Beauty Queens, Diet Debates, And More…


Photographer Susan Anderson’s new book High Glitz, which features a series of child beauty pageant portraits, has sparked a debate about whether or not making a six-year-old look like she’s 45 with an excess of makeup is in fact child abuse. Anyone? [Allure]

New Beauty magazine has homed in on way to get readers to buy the products within its pages: put samples in a vending machine. In a word, genius. [NBC Miami]

The lengths women will go to for breast implants are apparently quite long (and seriously deranged). [The Cut]

The latest taboo topic Tyra Banks has deemed worth publicizing? The “tapeworm diet.” That Tyra, always on the edge of controversy. [SF Gate]

A new study asks, which makes you happier: a low-carb, high-fat diet or a high-carb, low-fat diet? The one with more baguettes! [Washington Post]

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A Keepsake From Gaga, Tyra Reignites Controversy, And More…


First Pete Wentz, now Lady Gaga. With every purchase of the deluxe new version of her album The Fame Monster, the “Paparazzi”-singer will be giving out a lock of her hair, a personal note, and a jigsaw puzzle. Perhaps this is what she meant by a “love game”?[Hollyscoop]

Painting models in blackface for fashion purposes is back in the headlines. This time, Tyra Banks is at the center of the debate. [Stylist]

If you don’t like your plastic surgery, ask for a do-over. There’s no reason your nose should be anything but perfect. [NYT]

There’s a whole new lexicon emerging to help “real” blondes keep their color the perfect shade of flaxen. If you still don’t know what shoe-shine highlights are, it’s in your best interest to read on. [Daily Mail]

The trick to a perfect pinup pout? Apply lipstick, set with powder, then reapply. This and other tips for that Dita-inspired Halloween costume you’re working on. [NYT]

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Another Argument Against The Straight And Narrow


With Chris Rock and Tyra Banks bringing the issue of “natural hair” to both the big and small screens, curly girls of all ages and races are grappling more than ever with the issue of whether or not to go straight. is hoping that all women choose to embrace their textured tresses and has challenged the ringlet-having masses to embark on a six-month “journey of transition.” The Web site has partnered with Miss Jessie’s—makers of Curly Pudding and other cult-favorite hair salves—to offer product incentives to all the brave souls who are willing to break free from the bondage of relaxers and chemical straighteners and document the process of leaving their damaged hair behind. All you have to do is show the most gumption in regrowth between now and March 31 by snipping off your straight ends in small steps or in one fell swoop and uploading pictures of the transformation. Every month, four people will be selected to win free product prescriptions to assist in the process. Click here for more information, and may the best frizzy mop win.

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