September 2 2014

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Oribe Serves Up Summer Hair Solutions


With the steamy temps that have befallen New York over the past few days (97 degrees in June? Really?) comes a whole new host of beauty concerns. While we can’t offer you much help in the way of controlling profuse sweating, save for recommending that you take refuge in a well air-conditioned building, we can guide you towards a remedy for the dry, brittle hair you may be experiencing thanks to intense sun exposure. “Summer hair should have an easy kind of look to it,” famed coiffing star Oribe Canales explains. To help his clients achieve this end, he’s just released an Ultra Rich Shampoo and Conditioner duo, which manages to be lightweight, yet thoroughly moisturizing. “I still believe in washing your hair every day,” Canales admits, offering an opposing opinion to the hair care establishment’s current mandate of once or twice a week at most. “But with these products, instead of getting your hair too clean, you can leave the natural oils in.” Canales pulled off this seemingly impossible feat by bolstering his super gentle formulas with edelweiss flower extract, which acts as a natural sunscreen; lychee extract, a potent antioxidant that fends off oxidating free-radicals; watermelon extract to help maintain keratin levels; and a mix of soy protein, amber, and pro-vitamin b5 to soften and nourish parched strands. His other tips for winning the battle against dryness? “Don’t over blowdry. You can blow your hair out in the parts you don’t like but don’t blow out your whole head. After, add a moisturizing product to the ends, like my Supershine, to give it a natural finish. Anything moisturizing will work—if you’re at the beach, you can use suntan lotion!”

Photo: Courtesy of Oribe Hair Care