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Drugstore Discovery of the Week: Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy, Now Available Stateside


Beauty travelers of the world have something in common. While hunting down souvenir t-shirts, magnets and the like is enjoyable, it’s the foreign drugstore product score that this select group of tourists considers the ultimate keepsake from a trip abroad. And despite the far reaches of globalization, a few choice shampoo, face wash and lipstick brands are still shockingly unavailable in the U.S. of A—and more covetable for it. But having certain international hits accessible at home isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as we learned after a recent introduction to Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy. The Unilever-owned company is already available in over 42 countries and starting this week, America is finally one of them. Based around the idea that 99 percent of hair health comes from the scalp, the range has been reformulated for American consumer preferences and includes five different shampoo and conditioner duos that target different scalp concerns, including color damage, daily maintenance, volume, weakness, and dryness. There’s also an anti-dandruff cleanser that focuses on flakes. Infused with a rich blend of vitamins and nutrients, it’s not just the roots but the lengths that get a good, quality wash to foster stronger, more manageable hair. We recently test-drove a combo of the Strong Lengths Nourishing Shampoo and Moisturizing Dry Scalp Nourishing Conditioner and have this to say: our hair sure was clean when we got out of the shower. And soft—almost too soft; it possessed a certain kind of virginal fluff that we typically try to weigh down with pomades and creams. But after adding a little oil to our ends, we relished in the texture, mostly because of the its truly admirable shine—which, you’ll be happy to know, can be yours for a very reasonable $5.99.

Photo: Courtesy of Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy

Brad Pitt For Chanel No. 5; Heidi Klum Grabs An(other) Endorsement Deal; And More…


It’s official: The Jolie-Pitts are getting into the beauty contract business. But it’s Brad, not Angelina, who will be doing face time—for Chanel No. 5, no less. Is it weird that Pitt’s very masculine image will be used to sell the iconic women’s fragrance? Seeing as how this is the image in question (please direct your attention due left), the answer is decidedly “no.” [Chanel]

Unilever is poised to bring its Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy brand—a complete lineup of scalp and strand products already available in 42 other countries—to America this month, and they’re doing so with the star power of Heidi Klum, who will serve as brand ambassador. [NYT]

A new H&M ad featuring a scantily clad—and heavily bronzed—Isabeli Fontana is generating some complaints from the Swiss Cancer League, which is calling the images “alarming” and “completely [contradictory]” to their efforts to deter indoor and outdoor tanning abuse. Oops. [Daily Mail]

NARS Cosmetics’ heavily anticipated Andy Warhol color collection won’t be on shelves until October, but the brand has released a (very) short teaser video to generate excitement in the mean time. [YouTube]

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Unilever’s New Triple Threat


Just when you thought deodorants had reached their peak of technological advancement (a roll-on that can control wetness and odor?!), Unilever is trying to set a new standard in the category by adding a hair-minimizing complex to its popular Dove and Sure brands. That’s right; we’re talking about a triple-threat situation here, where excessive sweating, off-putting smells, and having to shave/wax your underarms could all be taken care of in one fell swoop. It’s unclear as of now how well the company’s new pro-epil complex works, but for those of you who like to multitask, the idea of its success is no doubt exciting.

Photo: Javier Pierini/Getty Images

For “Anxious Sweaters,” Some Good News


Those of you who refrain from throwing your hands in the air and waving them like you just don’t care for fear of unsightly sweat stains and body odor might be pleased to know that Unilever feels your pain. The makers of wetness-protection giant Sure will debut a new, high-performance deodorant next month as part of an extension of the popular brand, targeting what they’re calling the “anxious sweater” demographic—or people who worry their deodorant isn’t working effectively. According to, the two new antiperspirant deodorant products, Sure Woman Maximum Protection and Sure Men Maximum Protection, claim to offer twice the protection of the best-selling antiperspirant of popular jingle fame, promising up to 48 hours of efficacy. And get this, the new formula—which comes as a cream stick applicator—is applied before going to bed, the premise being that at night sweat glands are less active and the skin is therefore more receptive. Fingers crossed this isn’t just a marketing ploy, so that silk shirts can finally become acceptable year-round attire.

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