August 21 2014

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SJP Goes Retro; Lady Gaga’s Hairy Situation; And More…


Sarah Jessica Parker went big last night at the Robin Hood Foundation gala in New York with an extra-voluminous bouffant—a further testament that the sixties are indeed huge for fall. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. [E!]

Hot on the heels of “Judas,” Lady Gaga is set to drop yet another track off of the much-anticipated Born This Way album. This one is called “Hair,” and needless to say, we can’t wait to see what kind of weaves, wigs, and extensions make it into the video. [MTV]

According to a new survey, tanning salons in the U.S. aren’t doing nearly enough to warn teenagers about the risks associated with tanning beds. What part about UV light beds being as cancer-causing as arsenic, asbestos, and mustard gas don’t these people understand?! [U.S. News & World Report]

Kate Middleton’s no-makeup-artist-needed wedding day mantra is sparking both brides and beauty companies to follow her lead. To wit, Urban Decay has just released an Urban Bride kit that’s packed with wedding day touch-up tools and a setting spray so you can paint your own face and rest assured it won’t move. [Bella Sugar]

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Pretty Sick


Very few of us will be able to make it through fall and winter without getting a cold, or worse, the flu. And for those with wimpy immune systems, sickness happens far more than once a season. Since life and work must go on despite red blotchy skin, a sallow complexion, and dark under-eye circles, we asked makeup artist Tina Turnbow to offer a few tips on camouflaging the visible effects of feeling like total grossness. She’s a Chicago native, so she knows a thing or two about frigid weather-inspired maladies. Otherwise, we can’t say enough good things about a steady regimen of DayQuil and Sudafed PM.

With all the friction from persistent tissue-to-nose action, I can’t help but feel that foundation is completely out of the question when a head cold sets in. Or am I missing something?

I would suggest camouflaging with a tinted moisturizer that sinks in and protects the skin and won’t look too cakey or rub off. I love Chantecaille’s Just Skin Anti-Smog Tinted Moisturizer because it has great coverage and protects the skin from the environment.

What about general nose redness—what’s the best way to remedy those unfortunate Rudolph moments?

I really like Urban Decay’s 24/7 Concealer pencil. Just dab it on the tip of the nose and blend and it will totally stay put. I have also been using Mineral Fusion concealer, which is really good for the skin and has incredible coverage. You can also touch up throughout the day with a powder foundation such as La Mer’s The Treatment, which has skin-conditioning ingredients, or Benefit’s Get Even powder to eliminate the redness. Any yellow-based concealer or powder is the best option to counteract and camouflage redness.

Gotcha. What about combating dry, cracked skin?

The best thing to do for the dry, cracked skin around the nose is to exfoliate and moisturize. A washcloth rubbed gently on the nose and lips while in the shower is a good way to exfoliate. Then always use tissues that have aloe in them and avoid putting any powder on the scaly areas; it will only make them more obvious.

And for dry lips? Is there any way to give them some much needed color?

Well, first make sure to apply a good lip balm every night, like the ones by Amore Pacific or Burt’s Bees. Then Tarte’s Vitamin-Infused Lip Glosses protect against the environment and add color and healthy shine—or Korres’ Liquid Lipstick is richly pigmented and very moisturizing. If you would rather stick to your own lipstick collection, just make sure the shade you choose isn’t frosty or too dark, so crackage doesn’t show, and layer it on top of Origins’ Underwear for Lips.

With lack of sleep and flulike symptoms come puffy and watery eyes. What’s a girl to do?

Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage is really excellent for de-puffing. You can also try lubricating eye drops by Refresh or Similasan for dry-eye relief. With eye makeup, use shades with yellow undertones, like warm peachy matte hues. Try Three Custom Color’s Clarifying Eye Pencils along the inner rim to eliminate redness, and pile on the mascara—I like L’Oréal’s Voluminous Million Lashes—to distract.

Any good ideas for making lackluster skin look a little less…meh?

Try adding a touch of color with the Chantecaille Just Skin tinted moisturizer in Glow or something a shade warmer to blend into your usual color for a healthier tone. Add a nice cream blush with a golden peachiness; you don’t want anything pink on already pink cheeks! I recommend either Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy or NARS Cream Blush in Cactus Flower. Also, fair-skin types can add Fresh High Noon Freshface Glow or warmer types can use Twilight—they both have rosewater, cucumber, and algae that balance moisture.

Do you have any all-around favorite cold-weather combating products?

Definitely. It’s all about conditioning the skin, protecting it as much as possible, and using the nighttime to intensely hydrate and treat it. For serums, I like Intral Darphin Redness Relief Soothing Serum or Juice Beauty’s Soothing Serum. During the daytime, there is NUDE Skincare’s Advanced Smoothing Complex, which has loads of hyaluronic acid to trap moisture, or REN’s Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream. For the eye area, try La Mer’s Eye Balm Intense, the name kind of says it all; and Aquaphor is definitely the best lip protectant. Cleanse your face at night with a gentle moisturizing cleanser like Jurlique Soothing Foam Cleanser or NARS Gentle Cream Cleanser, then moisturize with WEI White Lotus Hydrating Cream. White lotus is an ingredient that helps the skin retain moisture. I also love a soothing mask like Arcona’s Wine Hydrating Mask, and misting several times a day with Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist.

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Alice Goes From Wonderland To Beauty Icon


If you were among the millions of people who flocked to see Avatar in 3-D when it came out last month (or, perhaps like us, you’ve seen it twice after a misguided 2-D experience left you wanting more), you’ve witnessed the preview for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. The 3-D visual spectacular will likely garner plenty of oohs and ahhs when it finally debuts in March. Until then, there are a few beauty collections inspired by the film to keep your impatience at bay. OPI has put out four limited-edition lacquers, each of which comes with a clever, on-theme name: Mad as a Hatter, for example, is a more opaque version of Deborah Lippmann’s rainbow sequin Happy Birthday polish. And this week, Urban Decay is set to release its Book of Shadows, a box that comes equipped with a pop-up scene from the film, 16 of the brand’s best-selling shadows similarly renamed for the occasion, two mini 24/7 Eye Pencils, and a tube of Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The overarching idea with both seems to be, have a little fun with your makeup; should you happen to take a dive down the proverbial rabbit hole anytime soon, douse yourself in sparkles and brace for impact.

Photo: Courtesy of OPI; Urban Decay

Vegan Beauty Takes Natural To The Max


After reading in this morning’s Daily Mail that vegan inmates in the U.K. have won the right to have ethically sourced, animal byproduct-free cosmetics in jail—including nail polish, lip balm, and cellulite oil—we have vegan cosmetics on the brain. Those who prefer the extreme end of eating and dressing all naturally typically have the same guidelines for their cosmetics as well. This means that the usual no-nos, like petrochemicals, parabens, and sodium lauryl phosphates, are out, as is anything that comes from any living thing that walks, flies, or swims. According to a recent article in the L.A. Times, this prohibits beeswax (which is often used in lip balms and mascaras), milk (found in soaps), collagen (a skin strengthener derived from cows), carmine (a colorant that comes from beetle shells), and even the animal hairs that are used in applicator brushes. Instead, herbal extracts and essential oils fulfill all cleansing, moisturizing, and fragrance objectives; iron oxides and other minerals typically serve pigment duty; and sea algae and marigold extracts are popular choices for all your antiaging needs. While orange-jumpsuit wearers across the pond have only been given clearance to shop at cruelty-free beauty retailers like Honesty Cosmetics and Lavera, those of you who are not incarcerated should feel free to branch out: Beauty Without Cruelty, Zuzu Luxe, and Ecco Bella all offer good vegan skincare and makeup options and Urban Decay is reportedly working to put purple paw prints on the packaging of all of its vegan items for easier identification.

Photo: Courtesy of Gabriel Cosmetics