August 20 2014

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1 posts tagged "Urgent Care Tea Tree Blemish Stick"

Tea Tree, To Go


Because so much of my beautifying is done far, far away from the comfort of my bathroom mirror, products that are highly portable generally excite me. And when said product happens to be something organic that will address the constellation of blemishes that always seems to crop up on my face at the most inopportune times, well, I’m ecstatic. Bath by Bettijo’s new Urgent Care Tea Tree Blemish Stick is a potent, pocket-sized healer that addresses not only those aforementioned acne situations, but also cold sores, cuts, and burns—all of which are seriously inconvenient when they catch you off guard. Should you have an aversion to the way tea tree oil smells, a significantly less pungent incarnation of the popular aromatherapy ingredient is blended with other bacteria-fighting essential oils here, so slicking it across your face won’t have you literally turning up your nose.

Photo: Photo: Jun Sato / WireImage