August 29 2014

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The Buck Stops At Uslu Airlines


The euro may be used in 22 countries, but when Uslu Airlines’ Feride Uslu thinks universal currency, it’s the dollar she envisions. The popular Berlin-based cosmetics company she founded has created a nail polish inspired by the greenback. Packaged with a single bill that’s been stamped with the words “world,” “love,” and “money,” the minty green lacquer is called One to convey the notion of singularity between all three concepts—the hope being that One won’t just inspire mani/pedi fans, but a unified world currency as well. (Hey, a girl can dream.) So, why the American currency? “It’s the most known and recognized globally, no explanation needed anywhere,” Uslu says. “It’s the perfect size to fit in every wallet—and it makes the most tip-able currency. T-I-P are three letters we also care about!”

Photo: Courtesy of Uslu Airlines

Do You Uslu?


I’ve been a devoted fan of Berlin-based cosmetics company Uslu Airlines since discovering SBT, its perfect gray nail polish made in collaboration with Bernard Willhelm, last year. When frequent Style File contributor Maya Singer revealed her love for WAW, a spot-on nude shade from the same collection, I went to work exploring its other color offerings. With a myriad of fantastic hues and finishes to enhance the whole manicure experience (a few slashes of its neon pink MCQ over my deep dove gray? Yes, yes I will), it really is one of the most fun lacquer lines around. Now, with its new Bread & Butter Berlin (BBB) charitable range, you can have a good time at the nail salon and do your part to give back, too. Uslu is celebrating its involvement with BBB, Berlin’s biannual “tradeshow for select brands,” by contributing to Bread & Butter for Charity, which devotes a portion of sales from limited-edition collections to Die Arche, a nonprofit organization that supports Germany’s children and teens in need. Uslu has selected 11 of its best-selling shades and rebottled them as minis for the cause. I’m currently loving BBE, a bright orange, and BBG, a true aqua, but all of the colors seem worthy of a coveted spot on my Spring 2010 nail color roster. Click here to peruse the collection.

Photo: Courtesy of Bread & Butter

Nude Nails And The Search For Color-Matching Perfection


Editor’s Note: Frequent Style File contributor Maya Singer weighs in on one of this season’s biggest nail trends and makes us feel a bit better about the lengths we’ll go to for the perfect shade of nude polish.

Having just resurfaced from almost two solid weeks of a (mostly) work-free vacation, I’d like to tell you, with unabated honesty, how I spent most of my respite: polishing my nails. If that doesn’t sound like the kind of activity that can fill 14 days, then you, dear reader, have never tried to find a lacquer that exactly, precisely, invisibly matches the color of your skin. To satisfy this particular beauty whim, embarked upon because a truly nude fingertip is the perfect way to complement a neon-colored clutch, I tested the patience of manicurists in several downtown Manhattan zip codes, opened up bottle after bottle of polish at Duane Reade (much to various security guards’ chagrin), and lost more hours at Sephora than is healthy or sane. Naturally, it was only after I’d given up the project that I stumbled onto perfection: WAW by USLU Airlines. Launched by makeup artist Feride Uslu, the Berlin-based line is probably best known for its over-the-counter airbrush makeup system, but the company also works up color collaborations with fashion folk such as Henrik Vibskov and the geniuses at Colette. Last year, they introduced Uslu Airlines x Bernhard Wilhelm, a nail polish range now comprising 12 colors. One of these is WAW, named after Warsaw’s Fredric Chopin International Airport and an exact match for my foundation—NARS St. Moritz (success!). In other news, the brand just debuted four new polishes concocted by international DJs, including PSG by Ed Banger (a.k.a. DJ Busy P), which happens to be the perfect complement to a nude-toned clutch—and a boon to anyone who’s skin color is acid yellow.