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Valmont’s Prime Solution for Clear Skin


Priming-FluidExfoliating is one of those essential steps for keeping skin smooth and blemish-free. But most sloughing options—think peels, scrubs, or masks—tend to be harsh on the complexion and rob you of moisture. Enter Valmont’s new Priming With a Hydrating Fluid, a vitamin-infused “softening fluid” that’s rich in sea-buckthorn extract to gently remove dry skin cells on the surface while also restoring hydration levels. For best results, dispense a few pumps of the silky lotion on your skin after washing with a cleanser—it comes out like a cool mist—and leave it on until it absorbs or wipe it off with a tissue. Instead of having to deal with the usual post-application redness that often comes with exfoliants, the aloe vera in this fluid leaves skin supple and slightly plumped. Rounding out the ahhh-this-is-so-pleasant experience: its delicate green floral scent.

Photo: Courtesy of Valmont

Body By Valmont


Since its launch in 1985, Swiss-based Valmont has established itself as a leader in über-luxurious science-backed skincare, a point it hammers home with its selective and exclusive distribution process, which is typically restricted to high-end spa institutes and hotels—Paris’ Le Meurice and the New York outpost of the Plaza Athénée, to name a few. While the Valmont faithful know the line for its advanced antiaging formulas and the facials that incorporate them, the company is hoping to expand its reach due south of the décolletage with the release of a new body-care range. Dubbed Body Time Control, the lineup of four products is meant to cleanse and hydrate, exfoliate, smooth cellulite, and boost firmness with a laundry list of potent ingredients: an infusion of rose oil ensures that the Fresh Dew Cleanser doesn’t strip essential moisture; the Cellular Refining Scrub boasts Argan nut powder to remove dead cells and prep limbs for increased absorption capabilities; the D. Solution Booster employs bioavailable caffeine, among other things, to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells; and the C. Curve Shaper features extracts of hydroxyproline, an amino acid that is a major component of collagen, which helps to restructure conjunctive tissue to slim and tone.

All this from a few jars of creams and lotions? you’re likely asking yourself. The answer is yes, according to the brand—results, it contends, are intensified by a new professional spa treatment. To complement the launch of Body Time Control, Valmont has created a signature service that reportedly provides a visible difference after one treatment, although a series of ten visits is recommended for optimal results. Using the four aforementioned products in succession, as well as concentrated kneading motions along muscular fibers—for sixty nearly uninterrupted minutes!—the body is left smooth and slender. The treatment does not replace diet and exercise, of course; but it can act to complement your regular regimen. And did we mention it feels amazing?

Valmont Body Time Control treatment at Spa Valmont for Plaza Athénée, 37 East Sixty-fourth Street, NYC; 212-606-4600,

Photo: Courtesy of the Plaza Athénée

Valmont Shows Off Its Star Power


Most people who come to Cannes for the film festival prefer to stay on La Croisette—the “strip,” if you will, which is dominated by Art Deco hotels like the Martinez, the Majestic, and the Carlton, but there’s something charming and awesome about Radisson Blu 1835 , which is located a few miles down the tourist-packed promenade. The charming bit stems from its location, situated as it is on the city’s marina and beneath the medieval Cannes castle, which is perched atop a rocky cliff overhead. As for the awesome factor, that’s mostly due to the exclusive Les Thermes Marins de Cannes , an ȍber luxe spa with a gorgeous thermal bath at its center overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Swiss skincare brand Valmont couldn’t have picked a better location for its pop-up Spa des Stars. The temporary primping destination’s highlight is its signature Vitality of the Glaciers treatment, an hour-and-a-half toning and radiance-boosting facial designed to help actresses and the occasional hip-hopper (Busta Rhymes did in fact have an appointment today) get red-carpet ready.

The service begins with gentle cleansing and exfoliation, followed by a 30-minute massage administered using the brand’s Renewing Pack, a tingling rebalancing treatment mask. That’s right—a whole half hour is dedicated to micro movements that are intended to restore luminosity to your complexion by increasing circulation. A collagen mask is applied as a finishing touch for an even more plump, revived-looking effect. I had the pleasure of testing the service out today after a long night of, um, working, and I have two things to report: 1) I definitely passed out once the massage got underway, and 2) despite minimal amounts of shut-eye, my complexion was so glow-y and dewy that I eschewed my usual concealer for the walk back to the Martinez, where the risk of being accidentally snapped by paparazzi is pretty high. Oh how disappointed they all seemed when, despite my petite frame, dark brown hair, and oversize sunglasses, it became abundantly clear that I was not Salma Hayek.

Photo: Courtesy of Le Radisson Blue 1835

Skin Salvation In The Sixth Borough


Handing me a mirror at her Philadelphia-based Rescue Rittenhouse Spa to see the almost instant results of one of the better facials I’ve received in a long time, Danuta Mieloch asked, “How do I get women to turn right?” As I noted a plumped-up radiance from her patented “manual lift” facial massage, which she enhanced with strong upward swipes of a P50 Lotion-soaked cottonpad, it seemed to me that getting Manhattanites to take Exit 4 off the New Jersey Turnpike toward the City of Brotherly Love wouldn’t be such a tough sell. First and foremost, there’s Mieloch herself, a Polish-born skincare enthusiast who cut her teeth at Paul Labrecque in New York before heading 60 miles south to open her own spa four years ago. Selling point number two: Mieloch handpicks every product from each of the five niche lines she carries—including selections from Biologique Recherche, Valmont, MD Skincare, Environ, and Cellcosmet. As a firm believer in the idea of a “skincare system,” Mieloch relies on an integrated regimen for a consistently flawless complexion and will help you devise the appropriate combination of these products for your individual needs. Add to this a menu of services that includes everything from microdermabrasion to noninvasive electrical-current treatments, plus the unassuming, spacious, and tranquil environment, and it’s worth the drive.

Rescue Rittenhouse Spa is located at 255 S. 17th Street, 2nd floor, Philadelphia. For more information call, (215) 772-2766.