August 21 2014

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The 411: Vena Cava


The “future heirloom” idea behind Vena Cava’s collections is pretty spot-on. The pieces that designers Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock have been churning out since launching the brand fresh out of Parsons in 2003, have a singular vintage-cast sensibility and well-traveled quality that gives them a sense of history: Are those Egyptian hieroglyphs on that silky dress? Most likely, yes. Much of their appeal can be chalked up to the artful prints that the pair of avid thrift-store shoppers conjures up, which succeed at simultaneously paying homage to the past and looking forward. That quality has earned them a varied assortment of ardent followers, and accolades aplenty: They scored the Ecco Domani prize in 2006 and CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund nominations in 2007 and 2008. And with the recent launch of their lower-priced Viva Vena line, getting your hands on that aesthetic is more attainable than ever. The designers, who now live on opposite coasts (Buhai in L.A. and Mayock in New York), are as cool as the designs they dream up, so we were pretty keen on getting the inside track on their own personal beauty favorites.

Lisa’s Picks:
The Adjustment Bureau: Spring Street Chiropractic
“I’ve gone to a chiropractor since I was really young, but never found anyone in New York that I really liked, until I met Dr. Allan Sicignano. He’s just damn good! I love that his whole operation is so efficient and low-key, and he’s happy to answer my ten minutes’ worth of questions about my neck. Added bonus: He has an amazing collection of psychedelic-rock posters that you can check out while you wait.”
Spring Street Chiropractic, 21 Spring Street, (212) 343-9218;

The Hair Hero: Bajaj Almond Drops
“I just came back from a long honeymoon in India, which is the land of hair oil—there is a huge variety of different kinds on the market, but the one I fell in love with is called Bajaj Almond drops. The tiniest amount rubbed into the ends of your hair gives them that perfect separation. I usually smooth some over my bangs and crown, too. The bottle looks like a men’s cologne from the seventies—it’s a beautiful design!”
For more information, visit

The Great Escape: Udaipur
“On said trip to India, we visited Udaipur, which may very well be my favorite place in the whole world. The sleepy town has a massive man-made lake with a palace floating right in the middle, which was converted into the Lake Palace Hotel in the seventies. Maharajas were officially de-recognized as royalty in the seventies (and therefore lost any financial help in maintaining their estates), so many palaces were converted into incredibly decadent hotels. It feels like half palace, half boat, and it’s just a very special place with remarkable attention to detail, where the staff greeted us in the corridors by name…we actually still can’t figure out how they knew our names.”
For more information, visit

The Skincare Secret: Dermalogica
“I don’t really stick to all one brand for anything, except for my skin. I love Dermalogica products for my face, and they never fail me. I mix Daily Microfoliant with Precleanse oil and use that paste on my face every morning, followed by its Special Cleansing Gel, Skin Smoothing Cream, and Solar Defense Booster. It’s a lot, but it works. I also remove everything, even cleanser, with a sponge. It helps, especially if you wear a lot of sunscreen—that stuff doesn’t come off with just cleanser—and it gets everything off my skin.”
Available at

The Friends in Fragrance: D.S. & Durga
“I’m lucky enough to be close friends with some of my favorite perfumers, Kavi and David of DS & Durga. I love Siberian Snow, and the perfume they custom-made me for my wedding—a perfume we christened Shitty Roses. Every so often, I go over to their studio, listen to music, hang, and just smell things. They’re working on some beautiful new scents inspired by Yeats’ writing that I’m psyched about.”
For more information, visit

The Makeup Muse: Robert Palmer Girl
“I’m a big fan of the Robert Palmer-girl look: graphic red lips and nails are my go-to. I wear MAC Ruby Woo pretty much every day, with Lorac black liquid eyeliner and MAC mascara. NARS makes a great red polish called Dovima, which I love with lots of silver jewelry. I’ve been taking liquid calcium magnesium, which makes nails (and hair) grow like crazy, so I redo them every week and half or so.”
Available at and

The Vintage Haunt: Amarcord
“I love Amarcord for vintage. I like to tell myself that I’m just going to swing by for a look, but I almost never make it out of there empty-handed. They have a very defined aesthetic across their clothing, jewelry, bags, accessories, and they just love great design. The owners, Marco and Patty, have an unbelievable archive (including Alaïa’s very first collection of all lace) and can tell you all about the history of certain pieces they have. It’s a great place to get lost.”
For more information, visit

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Diane Sets Sail; A Ban On The Tan Tax?; And More…


After much talk—and even more spectacle—Diane von Furstenberg officially launched her signature scent, Diane, yesterday on a billion-dollar yacht that sailed around lower Manhattan. Aside from the woody, violet, and frangipani flacon created by von Furstenberg for “all the woman you want to be,” a bust of the designer herself—sculpted by Anh Duong—was also on view. [Telegraph]

Good news for tan-a-holics: A group of House Republicans has introduced legislation to repeal the 10 percent tax on indoor tanning salons, alleging that the measure is detrimental to small business owners. Bad news for skin-cancer opponents. [Fox News]

Resistant Starch: Familiarize yourself with the two words that are making it hip to eat carbs again. [Daily Mail]

First came news of its collabs with Serena Williams and the sisters Kardashian. For OPI’s next trick, it’s getting into the business of beauty pageants. Its Miss Universe lacquer collection launches in September. []

In other nail news, Butter London founder Nonie Crème sheds some light on her favorite polishes of late, including Butter’s Teddy Girl, No More Waity Katie, Union Jack Black, and Rosie Lee. “A woman’s hands can be such an expressive and sexy part of her body and the shape, length, and color a woman chooses [for her nails] contributes to her style: It can be both an accessory and a cosmetic.” As the architect of the “nail rings” that debuted backstage at Vena Cava for Fall, she would know. [T]

Photo: Getty Iamges

All That Glitters Is Grunge, Backstage at Vena Cava


Glitter. We’ve spent a fair bit of time talking about it on this blog—both the good and more often than not, the not so good. And there it was again—lots of it—backstage at Vena Cava this morning. “It’s a bitch,” makeup artist Christian McCullough admitted of the mélange of MAC products (Pro Pigment in Silver, Reflects Purple Duo, and Glitter in 3-D Silver) he was painting onto a primer of Mixing Medium Shine, which he had brushed all over models’ eyelids. Concentrating on a “messy shape,” McCullough added layers of sparkles, pointing out that one was simply not enough. “This won’t show up on the runway,” he said as he piled on more for a slightly androgynous look that was rounded out by MAC’s Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink and its dark nude Lip Pencil in Subculture. “It’s so 15 years ago,” McCullough continued of Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock’s inspiration, which drew from grunge’s glam-rock heroes, like Fiona Apple and PJ Harvey. Fittingly, Ted Gibson for was creating nineties-era hair. “We’re scrunching, of all things,” Gibson exclaimed as he prepped tresses with a mixture of his Tame It Shine Lotion and Fix It Gel, before applying heat and creating a crimped texture with his hands. For those of you seated in the front row who may have gotten a lapful of flecks, McCullough offered up this insider tip for removing the shimmering “little bits” from skin and clothes: masking tape.

Photo: Joe Corrigan / Stringer/ Getty Images

So, This Happened


We started our fashion week bright and early this morning with a cameo at Lincoln Center before heading down to Milk for Vena Cava, where whatever grogginess was left from a late dinner and an ungodly wake up call was promptly squashed. There, amidst a general “nineties grunge” backstage inspiration that yielded one hell of a beauty look (more on that later), was the first sign that Spring’s nail design dominance is here to stay for Fall. The “finger bands” that Butter London founder Nonie Creme was painting onto models’ appendages are like nothing we saw last season. “I’ve been playing with this for a while,” Creme said of the rings she was drawing around models’ fingers in five colors from her forthcoming collection, including Tramp Stamp (a dark mauve), Floral Orange (a neon mandarin) and Royal Navy (a royal navy, duh). “I’ve been noodling on what do I do next,” she said of her new nail varnish tattoos. “I’m always covered in nail polish anyway.” Since Butter’s “three free” formula is blended sans formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP (phthalates), leaving lacquer on your skin in the shape of hearts, fingerless fishnet gloves, or rings, as the case was today, is completely harmless. “It only lasts for about 24 hours,” Creme explained, pointing out that the trick to proper application is keeping minimal product on your brush and swiping acetone across desired areas before decorating. We know what we’re doing when we get home tonight. Thoughts on the look?

Vena Cava’s Bringing Makeup Back


We’re only a day into NYFW, but the bare-faced look that completely dominated the Fall runways may finally get some competition this Spring—makeup lovers, rejoice! Allow us to present exhibit A: the “late-seventies/early-eighties high glamour” that makeup artist Christian McCullough churned out at Vena Cava this morning. With Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface as his reference point, McCullough did something a little unexpected: “I’m bringing back heavy makeup for summer,” the face-painter said, describing his layered navy and bright coral color palette. ”It’s dangerously heading into Joan Collins territory, because it’s a full face,” he joked. (Editor’s note: We hold both Pfeiffer and Collins in the highest regard as beauty icons, so McCullough’s heavy-handed application was A-OK by us.) Eyes were covered with metallic navy MAC eye shadows in Contrast and Graphology, which McCullough dragged across lids and out into a winged tip toward the temples. With most girls sporting fuller, natural brows, only a slight etching of brow pencil was added to arches for definition. MAC lipstick in Morange and MAC Pro Amplified Creme lipstick in Neon Orange provided the bright pouts, while its Mineralize blush in Dainty, a pinkish gold, brought color onto the cheeks as well. With so much focus on the face, hairstylist Ted Gibson had little choice but to prep tresses with his Tame It Shine Lotion and pull them back into texturized low-slung chignons. Seeing as how Gibson is not one to be denied his own bit of flair, he incorporated a twisted head scarf into the mix to mimic the color-blocking Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai played with in their collection.

Photo: Andy Kropa / Getty Images