August 20 2014

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Glowing in the Dark, Backstage at Vera Wang


vera-wang“She’s a beacon of light in her face,” makeup artist Lucia Pieroni said backstage at Vera Wang. Seeing as the collection—described as “a bit wicked” by Pieroni—was composed entirely of black and gray, she decided to contrast it with an angelic, ethereal complexion. Two shades of Clé de Peau Beauté Luminizing Face Enhancer (Delicate Pink and Pastel) were dusted across the tops of cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose. Lids were based with a shimmery pink hue, silver was dabbed on the inner corners and center of the eye, and the upper and lower rims were subtly defined with a plummy brown—all colors from the forthcoming Eye Color Quad in Silver Eclipse. Lashes were curled but not coated with mascara, and a “biscuit-y” nude was slicked on lips. The emphasis was placed on a “strong, boyish brow,” which was made straighter with powder. The ten icy blonds that walked the runway, however, were the only models whose arches were left untouched. “They are the super angelic witches,” she said of the platinum crew.

The hair was “considered,” but “disheveled,” explained Jimmy Paul. A side part was made, Bumble and Bumble Cityswept Finish spray was blasted over the crown to flatten strands close to the head, and the ends were left clean. “This is real-girl hair,” he added. Nails were topped off with two coats of Jin Soon’s Mica—a charcoal lacquer boasting “chromatic” glitter particles that stood out against the matte wool tartans, but complemented the lamé cocktail attire.

Photo: Livio Valerio;

Get Glowing…in GIF Form


Many a makeup artist made a case for hitting the gym this season (well, kind of). The dewy complexions churned out to accompany the athletic aesthetic at Vera Wang and Gucci were definitely the best incentive I’ve seen in a while to take a brisk jog. Face painter Munemi Imai, however, has a less physical solution to getting that healthy, illuminated look: Mun No. 1 Aknari Nighttime Dream Youth Serum, a blend of prickly pear, Argan, and rose oils. And although the name might suggest adding this formula to your before-bed routine, it’s so light that I’ve been patting it on in place of my regular moisturizer. Here, Imai demonstrates how to get that Spring 2014 glow:


Apply one pump of oil to your palm and use your finger to dot some onto your cheek. Then spread the formula out toward your jawline and underneath the eye. Repeat these steps on the other side of your face. After placing a dot in the center of your forehead, massage it out onto the temples. Then rub your palms together and work the oil underneath the eyebrows, over your upper lip, and chin. Spread any leftovers onto your neck and cuticles. Top it off with foundation, like Imai’s go-to: RMS “Un” Cover-Up, and add a light dusting of translucent powder to set. In my opinion, her method beats breaking a sweat any day.

Photo: Courtesy of Munemi Imai

Backstage at Vera Wang: Sporty Skin and Chic Sweatbands


Vera Wang

If Vera Wang herself was to hark back to her figure skating days or take a loop around the reservoir in Central Park, we have a feeling she’d pair her signature black leggings with this hair and makeup look. To play up the athletic theme of the collection, face painter Lucia Pieroni kept things minimal—opting for evenly toned skin and flushed cheeks, using the peachy side of the Clé de Peau Beauté Cheek Color Duo in #4 on the apples. For an added glow, she dusted the Luminizing Face Enhancer in Sandy Beige over the cheeks and brow bones. Pieroni took a fluffy brush to lids and softly diffused a brown shadow from the Eye Color Quad in Peach Brown (available in February) around the eye for slight definition. For a dewy finish that mimics the effects of “running up a hill in a nice frock,” she added a touch of Egyptian Magic to the high point on the cheeks, Cupid’s bow, and bridge of the nose, then topped off lips with Enriched Lip Luminizer in Watermelon Sugar for that “fresh-bitten” feel.

The hair was equally as minimalist (and gym friendly)—Jimmy Paul blew hair smooth using Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry and a round brush. For thicker textures, he ran a flatiron over the top to sleek-ify. The ponytail was secured a little below the center of the head with a bungee tie, and a black band (a “happy accident” that occurred during the fittings, says Paul) was slipped over the tips of the ears and across the center of the tail. (A similar accessory was seen at both Balenciaga and Nina Ricci for Fall 2013.) Any flyaways were eliminated with Creme Contour (a pliable paste). The hair test couldn’t have been easier, added Paul, as he was only tasked with making strands look polished and “more expensive.” After all, when the Vera Wang customer hits the treadmill, she does it with panache.

Photo: Fabio Iona /

Beauty Sound Bites: Keeping the Nail-Art Spirit Alive



While a natural, beige nail seems to have won out this season at New York fashion week (appearing at Derek Lam, Vera Wang, and Michael Kors among many others), the manicurist at Proenza Schouler has no intentions of going bare:

“Nail art has been alive for years—Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, Detroit—for me it never dies. It may go down to a solid [color] or something more mild [for Spring 2014], but I’m always going to have a party.”

And to that, we say: Lacquer up and dance like nobody’s watching.

Photo: Tommy Ton

Kate Hudson Reveals Her True Calling (Spoiler Alert: It’s Face Painting); Why Eating Sweets Is a Good Thing For Your Waist Line; And More…


A Hollywood upbringing earned Kate Hudson more than just a leg up in the biz: Apparently, playing with products from mom Goldie Hawn’s makeup artist’s case as a child gave Hudson an early appreciation for cosmetics, which led her to become an application wiz. The actress and Almay spokeswoman apparently does her own makeup for premieres and often plays face painter to a select group of friends as well. [People]

Vera Wang plans on releasing a flanker to her Leighton Meester-fronted Lovestruck fragrance this summer, and Meester has been enlisted for spokesperson duties again. The Gossip Girl star wears an appropriately floral-printed dress in new ad images for the Champagne, pink peppercorn, marigold, white freesia, and cashmere woods-infused Lovestruck Floral Rush. [Scented Salamander]

Forget everything your mother told you: Dessert for breakfast may actually help speed up your weight-loss goals. Commence chocolate chip scone-eating…now. [Time]

How do you avoid a potential biohazard in your makeup bag? Clean your brushes once every four weeks, toss anything older than 18 months, and never, ever share eye or lip products with friends. [Shape]

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images