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Dior’s New Polish Perfection


We accidentally had the caps lock button on when we first started typing this, and while we ultimately remedied that mistake, this item really could’ve been written in capital letters—it’s that important. Dior has reformulated its extremely popular Vernis Long-Wearing Nail Lacquer line to be more chip-resistant and more glossy. It’s also easier to apply, thanks to a new tapered, wide flat brush. Even better: There are ten collectible new shades (including a clear ridge filler) in the lineup, the first group of which just launched exclusively at Saks, and ten more shades will reportedly be added by spring. Personal favorites include Red Royalty, a classic scarlet; Psychedelic Orange, an eye-popping coral; Pink Kimono, a true bubblegum pink; Black Ink, a shimmering midnight blue; and Purple Revolution, a deep aubergine that’s available exclusively at Sephora. If you were looking for a weekend manicure project, you’re welcome.

Photo: Courtesy of Dior