August 23 2014

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“The First Luxury Organic Brand In The World” To Arrive Stateside


The murmurs started in Paris back in September, when insiders and A-listers alike got hooked on Vetia FlorisCafé Flore star Vanessa Paradis included. And what’s not to like? The Natrue-certified Swiss skincare brand boasts organic extracts from hardy alpine flowers and a unique blend of unrefined natural oils layered with 100 percent organic fruit water extracts from grapes, lemons, and oranges—instead of plain old purified water—with a sprinkling of moisture-enhancing gold dust thrown in for good measure. “It’s a perfect pick-up to refresh makeup,” face-painting legend Tina Earnshaw recently told us in praise of its Radiance Elixir, a velvety fluid with a trio of active ingredients bolstered by essences of lily and macadamia nut oil. “It evens out the skin’s tone and texture—and the Intensive Eye Contour Cream works wonders on fine lines and dark circles,” the Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet mainstay continued, giving a shout-out to the lemon water-infused magnolia flower-tinged salve with soft-focus pigments. Here’s where your eyes should get bigger, if they haven’t already: The 11-piece range that is positioning itself as “the first luxury organic brand in the world”—a bold claim, to say the least—will launch an American e-commerce site on December 13, which means you may want to reassess your holiday shopping list.