September 1 2014

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The New Face (Not Body) of Chanel; Deborah Lippmann Only Has Eyes for Babs; And More…


After a whole lot of speculation following a round of Instagrams that showed Rihanna with a bounty of Chanel makeup, it appears as though Gisele, not the Barbados-born superstar, has been named the newest face of Chanel beauty. It’s really a win-win either way. [Daily Mail]

Tata Harper’s line of organic skincare made with ingredients harvested on her farm in Vermont has been a smash hit since it debuted in 2010. Now the brand is erring ever so slightly on the side of makeup, with the launch of a trio of lip-care treatments, which might suggest to inquiring minds that Harper has designs on the cosmetics industry. One would hope so, at least. [WWD]

Deborah Lippmann is no stranger to celebrity collaborations, as she has worked with and created lacquers for everyone from Lady Gaga to Dree Hemingway and the cast of Girls. But who would be on her dream make-me-not-ever-sleep-again collaboration list? “There’s one person, and that’s Barbra Streisand,” says Lippmann. A glitter polish called “A Star Is Born,” perhaps? [EW]

Want a body like Beckham—Victoria, that is? Start eating an alkaline diet. The designer apparently swears by Natasha Corrett’s Honestly Healthy cookbook and diet that tries to limit acidity within the body to promote weight loss, clear skin, and shiny hair. [Radar]

Photo: Courtesy of Tata Harper

Chanel No. 5, On Film; Dial B For Beauty Broker; And More…


Chanel has just released a new Internet platform called Inside Chanel, which features a series of original short films that are meant to recount the events and people that helped forge the legend of Coco Chanel. One of the more gorgeous vignettes is a piece about Chanel No. 5. Fragrance, Mademoiselle always maintained, “should be as important as [a woman's] style of dress.” [Chanel]

In other Chanel No. 5 news, the brand has enlisted a man, Brad Pitt, to sell the storied scent for the first time ever, as previously reported. Now comes word that Pitt’s commercial will air on the 15th and has been directed by Joe Wright, he of Anna Karenina fame. [WWD]

Looking for the best Botox for your buck? Or a personally handpicked doctor for the rhinoplasty you didn’t even know you needed? Get in touch with your neighborhood beauty broker and let her work out the logistics for you. [The Cut]

This just in: Victoria Beckham loves Royal Apothic hand cream. That is all. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Getty Images

David, Harper, And “Strong, Simple” Beauty Backstage At Victoria Beckham


Part of the fun of being backstage at a Victoria Beckham show is that it’s a family affair. Since the birth of her daughter two years ago, it’s become common practice for Beckham’s soccer star husband to emerge pre-presentation, Harper on his hip. The other thrill is to see the hair and makeup.

Beauty for Beckham is an evolution, much like her clothing design; “she’s still figuring out [that] side,” Guido Palau said, pointing out that she likes a strong look but wants to keep it simple—which is why Diane Kendal’s original orange lip was scrapped at the last minute for Spring’s early preference for the subtle and subdued. In its place were “contours” and “highlights,” two familiar words in New York this week, which Kendal created using a series of Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eyeshadows in Made for Mocha and Nutmeg, powder pigments that carved out the hollows of cheeks and the sockets of eyes with a bit more definition than you’d get from a cream product. Its Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Too Cool, a creamy silver shimmer, provided a luminescent shine to cheekbones, brow ridges, and the bridge of the nose.

Palau’s look started out “unreferenced” and stayed that way. Operating under the guise that “something just feels right about minimal hair right now” and without a specific era or individual from which to cull inspiration, he went with a dual-textured middle part that was prepped with Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam Mousse to provide a grip to the hair, which was rough-dried with its Powder Refresh 01 Aerosol Hair Powder Dry Shampoo in back and given long, purposeful flyaways. “The hairlines have got to be perfect,” Palau instructed his team as he smoothed down front sections with its Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist—the better to wear those perfectly crisp, buttoned-up-to-there collared shirts, we imagine.

Photo: Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images

Not With A Bang, But A Wisper


Fifteen years after the Spice Girls shot to fame as the U.K.’s all-girl answer to the rise of the boy band, Victoria Beckham barely resembles her Posh Spice alter ego. As one of fashion’s most successful celebrity designers, the mother of four swore off her fake tan long ago in an effort to get back to a more natural look. But certain habits die hard. It appears as though Beckham can’t quite kick her wisp addiction; those sharp, face-framing layers have been hanging out of her updos since she was belting out “Wannabe” on stage in 1998—and they made a repeat appearance this weekend as she hosted the launch of the Range Rover Evoque special edition in Beijing. Some things change, some stay the same. Thoughts on Posh’s signature, singular strand?

Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images; JMEnternational/Redferns

Purple Haze


Matte lips have dominated the Fall runways this season, and more often than not they have been painted classic shades of red. Backstage at Victoria Beckham and Marc By Marc Jacobs in New York, lips were a perfect crimson hue, while a precise slick of scarlet ruled at PPQ in London and Rick Owens this week in Paris. But another pout color is starting to stake its claim on the season, and it’s gaining ground with each passing day: behold, the dark mulberry mouth. We got the our first glimpse of it in Milan, where Pat McGrath coined the “dark romance” effect at Gucci before creating “shading and contrast” at Bottega Veneta with paled-out skin and another burnt-cherry lip that she lined with a black eye liner and then filled in with a blackened-red pigment. Lucia Pieroni picked up on the idea at Rochas, where she crafted a dark wine-stained, “stamped-on” lip to complement the rich color palette of Marco Zanini’s collection. Then today at Viktor & Rolf, McGrath captured the enchanted show’s “witchy elegance” with a burgundy pout that she described as “gothic glamour.” This last incarnation had the addition of a high-gloss shine, which the makeup artist applied just before models hit the run way to avoid any, er, sticky situations.

The color is striking on a host of different complexions, but the real secret to pulling it off lays with a good lip liner. “[They're] brilliant!” Pieroni effused at Rochas of the colored pencils that can retain even the wiliest of lipstick bullets. Pro tip: For a true matte finish, apply your liner around the perimeter of the mouth and in the center before adding your lipstick. Blot with a tissue, dab with finger-patting of translucent powder, then apply the liner to the surface of the mouth again to thoroughly remove all traces of shine.