July 28 2014

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Alessandra Ambrosio Shares Her Beach Beauty Tips and the Secret to the Ultimate Bathing Suit Selfie



The pressure to post the perfect selfie is officially at its peak. Couple that fact with a bathing suit and skin that hasn’t seen the sun in months (thank you, Polar Vortex) and you’ve got yourself a serious summer challenge. Despite the multitude of filters available (glow-inducing Hefe included), I have yet to find one that makes me look like Alessandra Ambrosio in a bikini. Here, the Brazilian super shares her secrets to the ultimate beach body and the top tricks for faking one—no app wizardry required.


You’re one of the most coveted bodies in the business. Is there anything special that you do before a big shoot where you know you’ll be in a bikini?

I try to do cardio and toning exercises like Pilates and Spinning classes. I also drink a lot of green juices and coconut water. I eat pretty healthy but keep it light. I live in L.A., and there is a place near my house called Pressed Juicery, so I get juices from there—like the green ones plus ginger or ginger with lime.

Not that I would ever dare to keep pace with you at Spin, but what is your go-to spot?

I love SoulCycle. I love everything about it—it’s only forty-five minutes, it’s a great workout, you sweat a lot, they play the music really high, and it’s almost in the dark [save for the] candlelight. You can get the most [out of a workout] in such a short amount of time and have fun with it. They have [locations] in New York and L.A., so it’s easy because I’m bicoastal and I can go to any of them.

Aside from Spinning your bum off at SoulCycle, do you have any other secrets for taking a flattering bathing suit selfie?

It depends upon what you want to feature, but a tan is always good. I would always start with that. If you’re pale, it doesn’t look as good. I always start with a tan to hide all of the imperfections. There are also a few little tricks: If you want to cover your belly and show more cleavage, do the Marilyn Monroe pose—it hides your stomach and all you see is the cleavage and the shape of your body. Or if you like your butt, then you do a three-quarter [turn] to the back so you see a lot of your bum, not so much of your front. For a tiny waist, good posture and sucking in your belly is best.


How do you prep for the beach? Is there anything you do to protect your skin and hair?

I love the Victoria’s Secret Sun SPF 25 —it’s a great number because you get a little tan but you’re protected, and it’s a spray lotion, so you don’t get your hands all messy. They also have this beautiful tinted self-tanning lotion, so you can see where you apply so you can do it yourself—I do that before a swim shoot. And for hair on the beach, I put something on that protects and conditions, like oil or a repairing kind of thing. At the end of the day, I use the Victoria’s Secret beach hairspray to make it move and look natural.

What type of oil do you put on your hair?

So Sexy Detangler —it’s always in my bag. I have at least ten bottles between Brazil, California, and New York. It has a little oil in it, and you spray it into your hair after you go into the water because the salt makes it hard to [comb] through it with your fingers.

Do you have any other beach bag essentials?

Sunblock, a hat, a nice cover-up, lip balm, and sunglasses.


How do you repair your skin post-sun and -sand?

I love masks. I travel a lot, so it depends on how my skin feels. After the sun, I use a cucumber mask with aloe vera because it’s soothing and moisturizing for the skin. There’s a nice Chanel one that I use and all of these organic [versions] that smell amazing.

Of all the locations you’ve shot at in your career, which is your favorite?

I really like St. Bart’s. I’ve also been to Los Roques in Venezuela with Victoria’s Secret—that was one of the most beautiful beaches. When we shot in Venezuela, it was just this little piece of sand and a tiny village surrounded by water. When you arrive, it almost looks like you’re landing in Tahiti because the water is so amazing and there are all of these sand banks—it’s pretty surreal. St. Bart’s is always fun because there is amazing shopping and food—it’s so glam and tropical. I always pick up avocado oil there.

Wearing makeup to the beach: Yes or no?

I think if you want to do makeup, then do a little creamy bronzer during the day, but leave it at that. Or maybe just an eyelash curler. I wouldn’t do anything more than that because otherwise it makes a mess. At night, you can always do a little bronzer and maybe some eyeliner.


Live #LikeAKloss: Spend a Day in Karlie’s Shoes


When it comes to ruling the runway and capturing the moment, no one does it quite like Karlie Kloss. The leggy catwalker snaps pics everywhere, from 30,000 feet (usually en route to some exotic shoot locale) to the Pacific Coast Highway with hair twin Taylor Swift. And while they have many an Angel in their arsenal, Victoria’s Secret selected the super to help relaunch its classic Heavenly fragrance tomorrow in Chicago. We’ll be there every step of the way, with Kloss documenting her day exclusively on’s Instagram account. What can we say, it’s a social media match made in heaven. Here, an exclusive peek at what’s to come.


EXCLUSIVE: Angels in Action


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We gave you the first look from behind the scenes at Victoria’s Secret, and now we’re offering you yet another sneak peek (and not in snippet form as you’ve likely seen posted all over Instagram) before the bedazzled bras and toned bodies make their official television debut on December 10. In order to avoid creating an army of Angels, hair pro Orlando Pita kept each model’s length as is to “show individual style,” but created those signature bed-heady, glossy waves that are core to the VS woman. Makeup artist Dick Page’s mission was simple: “Not get in the way.” He put it quite simply, saying that when you book a room filled with beautiful girls, the best thing to do is not mess with a good thing. And wings aside, one of the things that sets this show apart from a more traditional runway is that there’s life and animation strutting down the catwalk. “A lot of fashion shows are very straight, dour, and serious, and this is kind of a celebration,” added Page. Brush up on your no-pants dance and prepare to party.

Video: Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Angels, They’re Just Like Us


constanceOk, not exactly. But for the past two days, I’ve been swept away in a pink bubble—one where everyone is tan (despite that we had our first snow of the season in NYC yesterday morning), has six-pack abs, and never gets cold prancing down a glittery runway in nothing but lacy underpinnings. Plus, these lithe ladies in lingerie actually eat—and I’m not talking about sipping a pressed juice or pecking at trail mix. Behati Prinsloo ordered in a burger last night, I split a tuna melt with Jasmine Tookes, and Joan Smalls didn’t hesitate in front of a plate full of chocolate strawberries. Not to mention, Karlie Kloss had her famous “kookies” on hand backstage. No, it’s not fair, but this is Victoria’s Secret, and all of these elements exist in perfect harmony. Here, the top nine things I learned from first timers (like Sara Sampaio) and winged veterans (such as Doutzen Kroes):

They spoil the surprise. “The second I got home [from the fitting] I told my boyfriend exactly what I was wearing,” said Tookes, whose beau is missing tonight’s production.

They don’t suck it in. “I have a jacket, so I don’t have to suck it in!” boasted Sara Sampaio. “Holding my breath would feel a bit awkward—I think it would show in my face,” added Martha Hunt.

They despise working out just as much as I do. “I don’t mind doing abs, but I hate squats,” revealed Samapaio. “I can’t handle my arms being sore, anywhere else I can deal with,” said Tookes.

They wear heels with robes (but only on game day). “My feet are getting used to the feel [of stilettos] so that the change into the shoes for the show isn’t as big,” explained Doutzen Kroes of her pre-show footwear from Tom Ford. “Plus, I think they’re cute.” But when asked if she wears this look on the reg, she said: “ No, no, no, it’s just for the cameras!”

They fake it. “It feels better to have a little bit of coverage—it’s almost like wearing tights,” Kroes said of her spray tan.

They exercise on the job. “The weight is all the way up top, so it’s hard on my back,” Kroes said of the wings she’ll be wearing on the runway tonight. “But they’re good for your stomach muscles.”

They have the moves like Jagger. No, Adam Levine isn’t performing again. “I was a dancer for ten years, and in college I was actually going to minor in ballet,” said Lindsay Ellingson, who worked with Mary Helen Bowers of Ballet Beautiful in preparation for tonight.

They do the Queen proud. “I’m most excited for the British invasion segment,” said Jourdann Dunn. “I’m happy to be out there repping for London.”

They wing it. “It’s my fourth show for Victoria’s Secret,” said Constance Jablonski. “The last three times I rehearsed [my end-of-the-runway move], and every single year I got on stage and forgot everything. This time, I’m not planning anything—I’m just going to follow the music and see how I feel.”

Beauty Sound Bites: Dick Page Keeps It Real


victoria's secret

“It’s not really a fashion show—it’s a fantasia. This is what people, the civilians, think fashion shows are like…that everyone is gorgeous and busty. But we know, in the trenches, that fashion shows aren’t glamorous at all.”

The legendary face painter pulled back the proverbial (and for all intents and purposes, pink) curtain on the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. The backstage area—swathed from floor to ceiling in varying shades of rose chiffon—is quite lavish in comparison to fashion week. There are well-rested supers wrapped in silky, striped robes, chairs available to sit on, working WiFi, and more important, breathing room. These are all luxuries that those of us “in the trenches” rarely get to experience. Then again, when you’re accommodating Angels, the scene has to be stepped up.

Photos: Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret