August 30 2014

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Four Steps to Diane Kruger’s Met Ball Bun



From a punky, pink-streaked ponytail at last year’s gala to this season’s forties-style chignon, Diane Kruger is always one to watch climb the crimson-colored stairs at the Met. And while a side part and glamorous waves were trending tonight (thanks to Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Gisele Bündchen, Chanel Iman, and countless others), this neck-grazing classic is a look worth copying. Here, the quick how-to from Kruger’s hair pro, Miki:

1. Prep with a light mousse for volume and grip. Next, spritz strands with a heat protectant (like Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Heat Protect & Shine Spray) before blowing hair smooth.

2. Pull the length back into a tight, low pony.

3. For texture, tease the ends of the tail and mist with hairspray (try Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Flexible Hold Hairspray). Brush the formula out to boost body and eliminate any stiffness.

4. Wrap the tail around a cylindrical foam roll to form a circular, sculpture-like chignon, pin in place, and set with more shine spray for a sleek finish.

Now, if only that Jason Wu for Hugo Boss gown was available…

Cate Blanchett’s Game-Day Decision



You would never know by Cate Blanchett‘s flawless facade, but that Grace Kelly-esque hair was not always the plan. Inspired by the vintage photo above, mane master Robert Vetica had proposed the idea to the Blue Jasmine star, but they ultimately decided to leave it down with a slight bend at the end since her look at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards the previous day received such rave reviews. After prepping strands with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse, blowing it out, and wrapping sections around a curling iron, Vetica pinned it up just so Blanchett could slip into her Armani Privé dress without mussing up the finished product. And then—if you’re a celebrity hairstylist—disaster struck: Blanchett loved the silhouette of the tucked hair so much that she wanted to keep it. With only 15 minutes to spare, Vetica told the team to “get those earrings on” and get her in his chair so that he could make the set a permanent style. “There is a sense of calm,” he said of the last-minute switch, “but inside you’re ready to scream.” Vetica would have employed a different technique if he had been starting from scratch, but he had no choice but to pin everything to the nape of her neck with a handful of bobbies. “There was nothing for the hair to grab onto,” he explained. In other words, that classic roll was hanging onto a hope and a prayer. “Oh, honey, I’m still nervous—I don’t even want to watch TV,” he said during the show. For extra support, the pro “coated that sucker” in Pro Series Flexible Hold Hairspray before finally sending her off.

Maquillage, on the other hand, was far less dramatic. “We spent the week trying different things out, so by today I had an idea of what I wanted to do…I took all the best bits and put them together,” said face painter Jeanine Lobell. “I’ve been working with Cate for 15 years, so you wouldn’t think I would need to rehearse…She doesn’t even sit in front of a mirror when I do her makeup,” Lobell quipped. The pro began by applying Blanchett’s go-to “Jason mask,” otherwise known as the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, for a boost of hydration. In order to “balance something heavy on the bottom with something on the face,” Lobell focused on the mouth, cheeks, and arches to “hold the dress.” Pink, beige, and gold shadows were dusted across Blanchett’s lids for “texture and depth,” while a combo of Nars Highlighting Blush in Satellite of Love and translucent power were layered on her apples until the perfect flush was achieved. To add dimension to the lips, the pro used Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick in 502 like a liner, feathering it in toward the middle, then coated the center with 509, a nude rose. “If I had to give the [end result] a catchphrase, it would be ‘romantic but modern.’ We mixed periods in a way in that it was a strong brow with a super-lashy open eye—kind of Mia Farrow.”

In the end, all of the pieces of the Golden Globes puzzle came together in time for Blanchett to secure yet another statue. “She’s so awesome in this movie, that we wanted to blow it out for her,” Lobell said of the joint effort. Mission accomplished.


Photo: Getty; Courtesy of Jeanine Lobell

First Look: Vidal Sassoon Makes Changes for the Brighter



When one thinks of Vidal Sassoon and his precise, architectural cuts, the Sex Pistols don’t normally come to mind. Sassoon, an avid yogi, preached the importance of wellness and beauty, while the grandfathers of punk—well, let’s just say they weren’t doing yoga. Despite their stark differences, at their core, the hairdresser and the band members shared similarities: All hailed from the U.K., all got their start as teens, and, more important, all were innovators. They challenged the status quo—Sassoon with scissors, the Sex Pistols with edgy lyrics.

Continuing this British legacy of breaking the mold, the mane master’s namesake line is bringing some shock value to the mainstream American hair dye market with its Pro Series London Luxe Collection (out this month). Comprised of six bold and permanent hues—such as London Lilac, Midnight Muse Blue, and Runway Red—this range brings the cutting-edge colors that dominated the punk era to the mainstream masses. With everyone from models (like Chloe Norgaard) to actresses (including 68-year-old Helen Mirren) to street-style stars getting in on the action, it seems only natural that box dye should follow suit—and Sassoon be the brand to lead the charge.


Photo: Courtesy of Vidal Sassoon

Emmy Awards Beauty Download: The Secrets to Good Hair (and a Good Time) with Elisabeth Moss


I will fully disclose that I did not watch the Emmys last night, but let’s just say my Milan fashion week schedule wasn’t exactly conducive to American red carpets. Luckily, I had hairstylist Alex Polillo on the front lines in Los Angeles, getting the scoop while working with Elisabeth Moss (nominated for two best-actress awards). Here, his exclusive photo diary:

elisabeth-moss-1“That hotel room is party central! And we must have Wheat Thins—it’s not a real party till those are in the house. There was also a serious amount of Katy Perry going on (“Roar” was for sure on repeat), along with Jay-Z and the Smash soundtrack. In the middle of it all, there was a dance party.” (Moss—captured above with brush still in hair—gets her groove on, and the preshow jitters out, with publicist Erica Gray.)

“We were inspired by Michelle Williams’ ads for Louis Vuitton but needed something just a little more polished for the red carpet, since it was outside.”

To get the look, he prepped damp hair with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse, then used a round brush (seen above!) to blow it dry and away from the face. The top section was wrapped around one-and-a-quarter-inch Velcro rollers for volume, hit with some heat, and left to cool before unwinding. A messy side part was made, and Extreme Smooth Combing Crème was worked throughout strands for texture and topped off with a few spritzes of Flexible Hold Hairspray (seen here). For extra lift, Polillo teased the crown and smoothed the front pieces with a flatiron. He finished with more crème to define the ends and misted all over with hairspray to set.

Before a swipe of bright lipstick was added, Moss gets a touch-up in natural light from makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani.

The finished product: sexy, tousled hair with a black-and-white gown by Andrew Gn. The only snafu: “Right before she walked out the door, she was putting on her bracelet—a custom-made piece by her stylist, Karla Welch—and it broke! Luckily, Karla had a backup, so another beauty came out and off she went.”

Photos: Courtesy of Alex Polillo

Oscar Night’s Behind-the-Scenes Heroes Reveal The Ten Best-Kept Beauty Secrets In Hollywood


As pre-Oscar buzz comes to a near fever pitch preceding the biggest night of awards season, the most oft-asked question isn’t who will win, but what will she wear? And as any leading lady worth her acting chops knows, no red-carpet look is complete without the right hair and makeup—or make that hairstylist and makeup artist. An elite crew of face painters and coiffeurs will decamp to L.A. this weekend with their indispensable know-how and even more indispensable product arsenals in tow to keep a bevy of A-listers picture-perfect for an evening that promises to be full of high-res camera angles, wide-lens shots, and maybe—just maybe—acceptance speeches. Here, some of the industry’s biggest names, who will be tending to the manes and maquillage of Jennifer, Amy, and Naomi, reveal exclusively to the one essential product they’ll be relying on come Sunday—and a few tips to help ensure victory at “the style Super Bowl.”

The Artist: Pati Dubroff
The Actor: Naomi Watts
The Must-Have: “I will absolutely be using Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow on Oscar day. I have no idea which color (soon to be revealed!), but these high-shine crème-to-powder shadows give the perfect amount of glitz for a major red-carpet moment—the Oscars being the most major of red carpets.”

The Artist: Stephen Sollitto
The Actor: Amy Adams
The Must-Have: “My Ardell Duralash Natural Short Black and Medium Black individual lashes (not the flares) are one of the biggest must-haves in my kit. No matter how beautiful the makeup is, if the lashes aren’t accounted for, I don’t think the look is finished. These are individual hairs randomly put in just to accent the lashes and open up the eye a bit more with a little length. The Naturals are the best, because the hair is softer and more realistic. They don’t read artificial.”

The Artist: Mark Townsend
The Actor: Jennifer Lawrence
The Must-Have: “I cannot live without Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo, especially on Oscar day, the style Super Bowl. The starch in this spray builds volume at the roots and gives the hair amazing texture. I also spray this on all my hairpins before using them in updo’s, to give the pins extra grip so the hair doesn’t slip out.”

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