August 30 2014

styledotcom Two things you should pair this weekend:

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The Temple of Glam, Backstage at Vivienne Westwood Red Label


vivienne-westwoodOver fashion week you hear a fair amount of obscure references, but if there were an award for most random reference of the week, it would most certainly go to Vivienne Westwood Red Label. The inspiration behind the look this season was a mash-up of Marilyn Monroe’s classic beauty (the red lips and rosy cheeks) and Indiana Jones’ sense of adventure (the windblown-esque set). Makeup pro Val Garland employed her “one-stop shop,” in which the same products were used on both lips and cheeks. She mixed together MAC Lipmix in Red and Orange and stippled the blend onto cheeks with a duo-fiber brush, concentrating the pigment outside the apples. The same color cocktail was painted around the outer edges of the mouth, then smudged in toward the center and out past the natural lip line; this was meant to be a messed-up Marilyn, after all.

Toni&Guy’s Mark Hampton brought Indy and Marilyn to life with two styles: a classic fifties curl created with a medium-sized barrel iron, and a second style revolving around a more disheveled updo. In keeping with this dual personality, manicurist Marian Newman used two different polish shades from MAC: an off-black hue called Starry Skies (out Fall 2014) and Screaming Bright, a sheer gold. To continue the theme, Newman left the nail shape very natural and the edges slightly chipped. These girls are meant to have been on some sort of adventure—climbed a mountain, maybe—so their manicure should be short of perfect.

Photo: Indigital

Lindsey Wixson Is One Tough Mudder


lindsey-wixsonBorrowing a page from Vivienne Westwood’s Spring 2014 beauty book (where makeup artist Val Garland flicked models with black, brown, and metallic paint to re-create the look of splashed mud), Lindsey Wixson and photographer beau Joachim Johnson opted to get down and dirty in New Mexico. Mother nature—in this case, at least—makes the best maquillage.

Photo: Instagram

Beauty Sound Bites: Dirty Girls


vivienne-westwood“It started with the idea that the [girl] got the clothes in a thrift shop in EC1 London, and she’s been running for the bus, so her cheeks are a little flushed. She [arrives] at the bus stop, but it’s been raining, so as it pulls up, she gets splashed with mud.”

Urban living is often gritty and when it rains, like it did in Manhattan today, something as simple as catching the bus can be treacherous. Garland, however, managed to make the perils of public transportation appear quite glamorous. “How can we make being splashed with mud a Vivienne moment?” the face painter asked herself backstage. “I thought, let’s get a bit Twombly, a bit Pollack-y.” She kept the skin underneath the “flicked” paint pristine, using a combo of tan blush and highlighter. If only getting down and dirty in real life actually looked like this.

Photo: Gianni Pucci /

Crown Heights


You could blame it on the summer solstice, but we’re pretty sure Dolce & Gabbana’s bedazzled floral crowns from Fall are behind the recent spike in coronet adornment. Kirsten Dunst sported one in Cannes, Keira Knightley recently followed suit at the premiere of her new movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and this weekend saw a slew of imitators. Dorothea Barth Jorgensen wore a leafy green incarnation at the model fest that was GrandLife and INGA’s Midsommarfest in New York, Vivienne Westwood crowned a handful of male models at her menswear presentation in Milan, and Margherita Missoni gave her bridesmaids—including one Tatiana Santo Domingo—rings of daisies to place on their heads as they walked down the aisle at her wedding to Eugenio Amos in Brunello, Italy. And so we put it to you, dear readers: Who wore it best?

Photo: Angela Pham/; Alessandro Viero /; Courtesy of

Vivienne Westwood To Kate Middleton: Lose The Liner! And More…


Vivienne Westwood thinks Kate Middleton needs a little lesson in makeup application. Of the Duchess of Cambridge, who was a new addition to Vanity Fair‘s international best-dressed list this year, the designer says, “I think she’s got a problem with eye makeup! The sharp line around her eyes makes her look hard. Either she should be smudgy or wear none.” [Huffington Post]

Aztec prints, studs, tartans—your tips can get pretty dressed up these days. Racked recently picked out some of the best nail blogs on the Web right now, just in case you aren’t up-to-date on all the latest lacquer trends and “frankenpolish” (make your own) recipes. [Racked]

Over the weekend, David Beckham showed off his newest accessory: a tattoo bearing the name of his newborn daughter, Harper Seven Beckham. The proud papa got inked on his left clavicle. Aww! [Us Weekly]

Why are we not surprised that there’s a sundae in honor of Someday, Justin Bieber’s debut fragrance? When the scent launched at Harrods last week, fans got a double dose of Bieber with the “Bieber Bocker Glory,” a vanilla ice cream concoction topped with fresh pear, lavender sprinkles, and edible glitter—all for a cool $32. [WWD]

Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images