August 31 2014

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3 posts tagged "Vogue China"

The Midas Touch


The beauty establishment’s obsession with 3-D makeup has eased up a bit since the Spring 2012 shows, when everything from sequins and crystals to precise paper cutouts were glued onto models’ lids to create a textural take on more classic modes of liner and shadow. But face accoutrements are a time-honored tradition that still rear their reflective heads every now and again, their latest cameo coming via next month’s Vogue China. Yadim, the rising star who has become Carol Lim and Humberto Leon’s trusted makeup artist backstage at Kenzo, gave Tao Okamoto the paillette treatment in the latest issue of the glossy, using different-sized gold circles to trace a beautiful design around Okamoto’s eyes, down her nose bridge, and across her forehead. There’s something very Givenchy Couture Fall 2009 about it, although the matte ruby lipstick and garnet nails, courtesy of Elisa Ferri (Marc’s favorite manicurist), add a hint of holiday wearability to the whole thing. Thanksgiving dinner appropriate, it is not; but don’t rule it out if you’re in the market for a showstopping New Year’s Eve look.

Photo: Lachlan Bailey for Vogue China, December 2012

Tao As Freja As Gender-Bender


The first fall-inspired fashion glossies are beginning to hit newsstands, which means some of our favorite backstage beauty trends are now showing up in print. Topping this list are bold red lips and boy-meets-girl androgyny, both of which have been captured in the August issue of Vogue China with near perfection. In a story aptly called “Handsome Girl,” model Tao Okamoto channels fashion’s favorite androgynous stunner, Freja Beha Erichsen, with clean skin, straight brows, and the kind of shaggy fringe made famous by the Danish catwalker. Also helping Okamato’s cause is a deep crimson pout courtesy of makeup artist Sally Branka. It’s not quite as bright as the true reds we spotted at shows like Giles, Diane von Furstenberg, and Rick Owens, but, like, Freja would never wear that color, anyway. Unclear if the typically bare-faced model would ever slick on this dark shade of mulberry either, but it would no doubt look killer if ever the mood did strike her.

Photo: Lachlan Bailey for Vogue China, August 2011

Tao Okamoto Takes To The Peroxide Bottle


Tao Okamoto has gone blonde! Well, sort of. For the April issue of Vogue China, the Japanese beauty ditched her signature jet-black bowl cut and thick fringe for long, soft, bleached-out extensions—with a middle part to boot. Perhaps not shockingly, the drastically different look suits her (we imagine she’d be able to take a Bic to her head and still manage to attract attention with that bone structure). What do you think of the transformation?

Photo: Camilla Akrans for Vogue China, April 2010