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YSL Wants Candy


Since accepting lipstick into our lives back in 2008, we’ve all but given up gloss. A “glossy balm,” however, is a different story. YSL’s new Volupté Sheer Candy brands itself as such, packing the shine of a gloss and the emollient moisture of a balm into one new edition of the brand’s highly stylized Rouge Volupté lipstick bullets. There are six sweet-smelling shades to choose from, each inspired by summer fruit: Lush Coconut is a shimmering beige; Dewy Papaya, a light peach; Juicy Grapefruit a pale pink (and our personal favorite); Succulent Pomegranate, a bright fuchsia; Mouthwatering Berry, a dark purple; and Luscious Cherry, a pinkish red with golden shimmer. All of them are incredibly transparent, so even the darkest of the bunch glides on with just a subtle hint of gorgeous color. All of this is well and good, but even better is pulling this baby out of your purse. Its white gold tube and rose gold detailing will make going back to that plain old tube of Chapstick pretty difficult.

Photo: Courtesy of YSL Beaute