August 29 2014

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Flower Girl: Drew Barrymore’s Garden Grows


Drew Barrymore has spent almost the entirety of her life in the public eye, having first captured our attention at age 7 as the pigtailed, wide-eyed star of E.T. Besides achieving the seemingly impossible feat of emerging from a multi-decade career and tumultuous family relatively unscathed—sure, there was the brief teenage battle with addiction, as chronicled in the seminal celebrity autobiography Little Girl Lost (a book this writer has pored over on more than one occasion) and that infamous dirty dance on Letterman circa 1995, but not much else to speak of—Barrymore has managed to leave a remarkable impression on the world of pop culture, both on-screen and off. Her luminous film reel includes projects as varied as Irreconcilable Differences, Poison Ivy, Charlie’s Angels, Everyone Says I Love You, Grey Gardens (“One of the best things I’ve gotten to do in my life,” she says of the HBO miniseries), and pretty much every rom-com worth seeing—all of which she managed to star in while establishing herself as a formidable beauty icon.

Barrymore’s rebellious early days featured many a makeover, which included permed, streaky blonde strands; a bleached platinum crop; powdered pale skin; maroon lips; pencil-thin darkened brows of the nineties variety captured in those famous Guess Girl ads; and the sunny, neo-hippy look of the early aughts. Drew has managed to own not just baby barrettes, the daisy as accessory, and, later, ombré hair, but she also conjured one of our hands-down favorite awards-show looks ever, in the form of the perfectly retro makeup and mommy-drinks bouffant that she wore to the Oscars in 2009. So when the news broke that the onetime CoverGirl face was branching out into beauty with a Walmart makeup line called Flower—”We’re trying to bring prestige into mass,” she explains of the 181-piece range—it seemed par for the course. Here, caught up with the new mom and budding cosmetics impresario to talk product favorites, mantras, and the glory of the nineties-beauty resurgence that dominated the Spring runways.

So why a beauty line?
Well, you know I have been sitting in a makeup chair since I was 6 years old, and I’ve watched women around me get ready, and it’s a very aspirational environment. And it really made the most insane impression on me my whole life. And then when I started getting really into makeup in my teens and twenties, and being experimental, being playful, and getting to work with the best makeup artists in the world—in film and fashion—it became such a part of my life.

I read that Flower is inspired by products you have been inspired by over the years. How did you ultimately realize that kind of homage?
I don’t know why, what psychic moment in me, but I just always saved everything so that one day I would be able to put it into something. Maybe I’m just a hoarder or a psychic person. But I really care about beauty; I watched brands develop, I know prestige, I know mass, I love pigment, I love payoff. I love every different type of look. I’m always changing my hair and makeup, depending what sort of fun mood I’m in at that time in my life. And then when I became the co-creative director at CoverGirl for six years, it was such a wonderful and empowering experience that when I finished my contract, it was like I had gone to college for six years. What are you going to do with your degree? And I decided to take a risk and start my own brand. But I wanted to do something different, because I think mass makeup is so good, the bar is so high. We are trying to be a game change and bring prestige into mass, and not with a promise but with the actual formulas. There are already 181 SKUs to start, and yet I feel like it’s not enough. I have so much more that I want to try and do.

What are your hero beauty products?
I always really loved a lip liner that you could wear as lipstick. I used to do that in the nineties, and I would love to bring that look back, using our liners. I love a cream eye shadow that moves really well but then sets beautifully and never creases or crumbles. I’m always weirded out by what so much of long-lasting is, but when something comes off easily, that always amazes me, too. And our cream shadow really does those three crucial things for me. You know what I was also obsessed with was the old Shiseido double-ended, one-side-gloss, one-side-matte lip product. What was amazing about it was that the pigments matched perfectly, so you really did get the gloss version and the truly chalky matte version of that same color that you fell in love with. And I thought that was amazing. In fact, I need to bring that back!

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Cara Delevingne For Scrunchie; Drew’s Big Beauty Brand; And More…

------- cover girl Cara Delevingne has nabbed another campaign. But if you’re thinking that it’s for a luxury fashion or beauty house, you’re a little off base. Delevingne is the new face of the accessory brand My Crazy Scrunchie—that’s right, scrunchies—for which she stars in a new, western-themed campaign with Clara Pagett and Suki Waterhouse. [Daily Mail]

We’re all for entertainment-inspired beauty collections, but the new, Modern Family x Nicole by OPI nail lacquer range might be taking it a little far. Sure, the ABC comedy is funny, but associating it with a line of polishes is a bit of a stretch. [ET]

More on the developing Drew Barrymore for Wal-Mart story. The Charlie’s Angels star and new mom’s premiere cosmetics collection or the retailer will be called Flower, intends to offer “true luxury at mass,” and will include a whopping 181 products: 70 in the face category, 44 in eye, 51 in lip, and 16 in nail. So much for taking it slow. [WWD]

Ivanka Trump: the fragrance will be on shelves next fall. The bergamot, lush apple, jasmine, rose, peach blossom, vanilla, and cedarwood eau will be “filling a void for that feminine, empowered woman,” according to the heiress. [WWD]


Miss USA Ends Its Court Battle, Men Who Moisturize, And More…


Former Miss California Carrie Prejean and the Miss USA organization have finally settled their vicious lawsuit. Now back to more important matters of swimsuits and evening gowns. [E! Online]

More news on the growing demographic of “men who care.” Below-the-neck moisturizers are joining body spray, shower gel, and facial scrubs as acceptable modes of daily maintenance. Who’s macho now? [NYT]

Sephora has opened a flagship in Singapore. At 13,330 square feet, it’s the company’s largest store in Southeast Asia, and its latest step toward total global domination. [WWD]

Need to make a quick buck in these trying economic times? Sign your ridiculously (or moderately) good-looking children up for modeling. [WSJ]

With women turning to lower-priced mass chains for more of their beauty-buying needs, Wal-Mart plans on upping its holiday sales by taking its prestige offerings out of locked display cases. You know, so women can actually touch that bottle of Britney Spears’ Fantasy before they decide to buy. [Reuters]

Photo: Denise Truscello/Wire Image

Hard Candy Is Back, Plastic Is Fantastic, And More…


If you’ve been mourning Hard Candy’s disappearance from department store floors, you’re in luck. The line has been revived by an unlikely hero: Wal-Mart. Now you can once again pick up its popular ring-topped nail polishes, glitter eye shadows, and fortune-telling lip glosses, and that hunting rifle you’ve had your eye on. [Butterfly Diary]

While Venezuela continues to enter engineered beauty queens into pageants worldwide, Hungary has opted to help create a more level playing field by giving unnatural beauties a contest of their own. Miss Plastic Hungary helps put that country’s plastic surgery business in the spotlight. You’ve never seen such fine craftsmanship! [ABC News]

More evidence is mounting linking skin cancer to heredity. So wear your sunscreen—and look into that family history, stat. [MSNBC]

Part cosmetic, part pharmaceutical, cosmeceuticals are emerging as the sole beauty sector to have weathered the economic storm with profit gains rather than losses. Just think of your continued purchasing of antiaging creams and eyelash serums as doing your part to combat the recession. [Times Online]

Photo: Courtesy of Hard Candy

Açai: The Comic Book Hero; The Body Shop Returns To Its Roots; And More…


To really hammer home the fact that the namesake Amazonian berry in its new Açai Damage-Repairing Skincare line is considered a “super-powered” antioxidant, Kiehl’s has ordered up a brand site where you can create and share your own Pop Art-style comic strip. Finally, a chance to don that cape and serve up some justice, skincare-style. [Ad Week]

To prove that it is still committed to ethical business practices and a philanthropic spirit, the Body Shop has partnered with ECPAT International, which is devoted to ending child prostitution, child pornography, and the trafficking of children for sexual purposes. Besides publishing sex-trafficking progress cards on various countries, the company is selling a $10 tube of Soft Hands Kind Heart hand cream, $6 of which is being donated to the organization. Now you can do your part and combat dry, flaky skin at the same time. It’s a win-win. [NYT]

Before Megan Fox became the film industry’s resident sex pot, she was just like any other teenager and even got busted for stealing cosmetics from Wal-Mart. The makeup in question was from the Olsen twins’ range, Mary-Kate and Ashley, and she was apparently promptly banned from the store. The discounted retail chain would no doubt welcome her back now with open arms—and a strict dress code. []

The beauty-inspired reality show business is booming. Last night, TLC debuted its new series, King of the Crown, which follows beauty pageant expert Cy Frakes and his team as they prep contestants for the Gowns and Crowns pageant in South Carolina. So, like Drop Dead Gorgeous, but real. Ladies, to your TiVos! [Entertainment Weekly]

Photo: Courtesy of Kiehl’s