August 30 2014

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Aveda Reserves A Spot in Your Beach Bag


In an effort to escape April’s unseasonably cold, rainy temperatures, I took a quick jaunt to warmer Caribbean climes. To prevent the chain of events that typically accompanies my tropical vacations—i.e., sunscreen negligence that segues into debilitating burns and minimized beach time—I was more diligent than ever before, slathering on layer after layer of Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen, an old stand-by. Except on my head, which was carelessly left exposed to the sun’s evil wrath for much of the trip. Needless to say, my ebony winter dye job turned slightly more red—as did my part, which became even less attractive when the peeling kicked in (ew). The whole ordeal could’ve been prevented had I filled up a few travel-size bottles with Aveda’s new Sun Care System, a 16-hour UV defense and recovery line that includes a spray-on Hair Veil, a one-step Hair and Body Cleanser, and an After-Sun Hair Masque. The three-part plan protects, cleanses, and restores the hair and scalp from the damaging effects of sun, salt, and chlorine using natural ingredients, so you get results without all the harsh chemicals often found in similar products. Wintergreen and cinnamon bark oils apparently make for good UVA/UVB inhibitors; morikue protein helps strengthen brittle, sun-exposed hair; and an antioxidant blend made with green tea extract, organic sunflower seed oil, and vitamin E helps defend against free radicals. I have less exotic plans on the South Jersey shore this summer; Hair Veil in tow, I’ll have the chance to redeem myself.

Photo: Courtesy of Aveda