September 2 2014

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Backstage Body Painting: A Burgeoning Trend?


For those of you wondering how the zebra-print shirt in the last look at Louis Vuitton could be so skin-tight on Kristen McMenamy that nary a fabric ripple could be seen as she traipsed down the runway, there was good reason for that: It wasn’t a shirt at all—it was painted on. Body art has definitely had a moment on the runway over the past few seasons since the Mulleavy sisters had a team of MAC specialists cover models’ arms in tribal tattoos at the Spring 2010 Rodarte show (a wealth of temporary tattoos at Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier followed that season, with a fine-art incarnation turning up at Wayne for Spring 2011). But craftsmanship of this level—in which you truly had to triple-take those black and white stripes with gold glitter accents to fully convince yourself that there was no cotton, Lycra, or spandex to speak of—is somewhat new. New to the last 48 hours, that is. Makeup master Pat McGrath may have etched out a long-sleeved shirt, but face (and leg and arm) painter Val Garland made opaque tights and gloves at Moncler Gamme Rouge only a day earlier, substituting water-based pigments for actual hosiery. What does it all mean? Unclear. But perhaps we can look at it as the next step in the evolution of the sheer trend, in which gauzy, suggestive blouses are replaced by no blouses at all. Or maybe it should just be chocked up to the wonder and fantasy that is runway beauty; whether it’s actually wearable should never enter into the conversation. Care to weigh in below?

Photo: Monica Feudi /; Yannis Vlamos /

Beyoncé Adds Skin Art To Her Growing Beauty Empire


Remember during NYFW when we were obsessed with the Temptu-created, Hope Gangloff-designed temporary tattoos backstage at Wayne? Well, while we were chatting up the skin artists backstage, they name-dropped a few high-profile fake-ink jobs they’d worked on in the past: De Niro in Cape Fear being one of them, and Beyoncé in those new sixties-pinup-girl-meets-futuristic-biker-chick House of Deréon ads—in which B sports a blond beehive and a host of chain-link tats—being the other. We should have put two and two together then, but our brain was clouded with thoughts of making it to the next show on time, whether or not our purple lipstick had smeared all over our face, and when, oh when, might there be time to grab a coffee, so somehow we missed the potential news byte. But with a clear, fully caffeinated head, we read the announcement today that House of Deréon and Temptu have teamed up to produce transfer sheets of the clothing company’s signature fleur icon, rocker bolts and chains, jewel baubles, and spider designs this fall. They bow at Sephora in November, and while they strike us as a mass-version of Chanel’s pearls and chains from Spring 2010, we will still likely partake of them, because apparently, our 12-year-old lust for fake tattoos still burns strong. You too? [WWD]

Photo: Courtesy of House of Deréon

Wayne Lee Thinks Ink


Body art enjoyed a renaissance for Spring 2010 (Chanel, Rodarte, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc.), but temporary tattoos on the runway are now evolving even further. For her Spring 2011 presentation, Wayne Lee enlisted the services of famed illustrator and personal friend Hope Gangloff, who teamed up with the airbrush makeup wizards at Temptu for some of the most gorgeous ink transfers we’ve seen yet. To match the prints in the collection, Gangloff scrawled a series of vines, leaves, and pitcher plants before turning in her handiwork to Temptu, a leader in the temporary tattoo business for over 30 years (they inked up De Niro in Cape Fear, FYI). Then body artist Jenai Chin took over, decorating a handful of the models’ forearms for the show by applying the blue/black drawings with an alcohol swab and dusting with translucent powder to hold. We’re currently sporting a Gangloff original on our own forearm, and it’s so good-looking, we’re thinking about getting a real version of something similar. Our parents will no doubt be thrilled.

Photo: Courtesy of Temptu