September 3 2014

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Jessica Simpson’s Post-Baby Diet Plans Put On Hold; How To Eat Like An Angel; And More…


Jessica Simpson confirmed via Twitter yesterday that she is in fact pregnant with her second child a cool seven months after giving birth to her first. So, what does that mean for the multi-million dollar deal she signed with Weight Watchers, which was hoping to benefit on what would have been a very public post-baby slim down? There will be “no changes,” says the dieting brand, which will use footage of Simpson’s weight loss after giving birth to baby Maxwell in May in a new advertising campaign. Simpson “will not be following the program” during her second pregnancy. [USA Today]

In other dieting news, Victoria’s Secret Angel and former Leonardo DiCaprio flame Erin Heatherton admits that while working out is essential to maintaining her Angel-caliber body, so is eating. “It’s important to be fit, but you shouldn’t get too skinny. You need to have curves,” says the blond bombshell, who works out twice a day but also makes sure to keep her calorie intake high, so there’s something to “build on. If you’re not eating enough, all the work-outs are doing, it’s not going to show.” [Daily Mail]

Beware of bootleg Botox. According to a letter the FDA sent to 350 medical practices last month that was just made public, counterfeit and potentially dangerous forms of the wrinkle-reducing toxin have been purchased from Canadian pharmaceutical companies and are currently circulating stateside. [Jezebel]

Turkey’s beauty tourism business is booming, but it’s not the country’s signature hammams that are bringing in the big bucks. Nope, that honor goes to an uptick in visitors to the country seeking beard and mustache implants! [Guardian]

Celebrity fragrances were big sellers at the retail counter this holiday season, with Lady Gaga’s Fame topping out as the number one perfume in the U.K., while sets from Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber were big sellers at home. [Starpulse and Glamour]

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Jessica Simpson, Contractually Obligated To Slim Down; Beware Of “Runner’s Face”; And More…


Katy Perry is apparently sticking with pink. The formerly raven-haired pop star turned up at the American Music Awards last night with her cotton candy hair still intact and swept up into a tall twist with a cluster of iridescent bows snapped in for good measure. [OK!]

Move over, Jennifer Hudson. Jessica Simpson will reportedly be the next full-figure starlet to share her weight loss story with the world. The mom-to-be is in talks with Weight Watchers to become its new face post-pregnancy. [Us]

Running is a great way to burn excess calories, but it may be doing more harm than good to your complexion. Cosmetic surgeons are reporting an increase in patients seeking to remedy “runner’s face,” a new term for the gaunt and wrinkled appearance they say is a side effect of too much jogging. [Daily Mail]

For fragrance obssessives for whom flacons are just as important as actual scent compositions, get thee to Barcelona stat. Your Mecca awaits at Regia—an 83-year-old perfumery that also boasts a 50-year-old fragrance museum, which houses perfume bottles that date as far back as the sixteenth-century B.C., as well as more modern classics like Baccarat-encased original releases of Guerlain’s Shalimar. [NYT]

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Jessica Sheds The Makeup, Jennifer Sheds The Pounds, And More…


While lowering cancer risks seems like a good reason for the health care reform bill’s 10 percent indoor tanning tax, there is a downside: Women own 67 percent of indoor tanning businesses, and the tax could lead to more than 1,000 business closures, resulting in 9,000 lost jobs. Insiders are calling it a “for-profit industrial genocide” brought on by powerful lobbyists for Botox. You can bet that a committee is being formed to fight the power; oh yes, it is. [Stylelist]

With her new VH1 series The Price of Beauty in full swing, Jessica Simpson is taking her “love me for who I am” mission a step further by going PhotoShop- and makeup-free on the cover of the latest issue of Marie Claire. And you know what? She looks good—smile lines and all! [EW]

“Does being thin resolve anything? No. At the end of the day, this kind of obsession is pointless and meaningless,” Demi Moore said in a recent interview, claiming that only when she stopped trying to control her body did she get the body she’d always wanted. Is that how she landed Ashton, too? [Daily Mail]

Exercise, meanwhile, was Jennifer Hudson’s route to attaining the body she’d always wanted. The recently named Weight Watchers spokesperson and born-again exercise fan relies on a 25-minute circuit-training routine of cardio, lunges, shoulder presses, and ab exercises five days a week to get to the point where she can “bounce quarters off of her butt.” [People]

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