August 22 2014

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2 posts tagged "Williamsburg"

backstage at bottega, it’s all about woody


After many a backstage encounter with hairstylist Orlando Pita, two things are clear: First off, the man is a beauty MacGyver of sorts, doing things with bobby pins, T3 liquids, a comb, and a blow-dryer that never cease to impress. He is also a man of few words and rarely divulges any kind of direct inspiration for his designs. Just as our minds started reeling, trying to unlock the mystery of his tendriled masterpiece at Bottega Veneta yesterday—Elizabethan chic? the result of a Jane Austen novel-reading binge? or maybe he’d spent time in Brooklyn’s Hasidic East Williamsburg neighborhood before heading to Europe for the shows?—an answer came straight from the horse’s mouth: Diane Keaton in Woody Allen’s Love and Death and a one-inch curling iron. Huh. We were kind of hoping it was the Williamsburg reference.

Photo: Greg Kessler

Going To Great Lengths In Williamsburg


It took this ceramics teacher six haircut-free years to get her braid to Rapunzel-rivaling lengths. (We’re assuming the large dreadlock she likes to fasten into an interesting topknot was cultivated over this period of inaction as well.) The pink blush just above the apples of her cheeks was a style that took a little less time to develop, however. “I’ve been doing that forever,” she says.

Photo: Ben Ferrari