August 20 2014

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1 posts tagged "Winter Rx Anti-Static Spray"

Flyaways, Be Gone


After a string of unusually warm December days, a winter cold snap has finally settled over New York. And you know what? We couldn’t be happier. Something about all the springlike humidity just felt unnatural, not to mention the fact that it’s difficult to dip into your new fall wardrobe when its 60 degrees outside. But wool is now the word, and there is one unfortunate aftereffect that our beloved nubby knit beanies tend to leave behind: hair static. Lots of it. We’re ready to take it on this season, though, thanks to Alterna’s new, limited-edition Winter Rx Anti-Static Spray. A sheer, subtly scented mist that features essences of almond, vanilla, cherry, and coconut, it tames flyaways, lightly sets any style, and reduces frizz brought on by shifting temperatures, i.e., the extreme transition from the outside cold to the dry indoor heat. It’s small enough to fit into most bags for easy, on-the-go touch-ups, too, which will come in handy for the next few months. Here’s the hard truth, East Coasters: It’s only gonna get colder.

Photo: Courtesy of Alterna