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Beauty Bytes: Best of Beauty Counter, October 2010


If we had to choose one word to sum up the month’s biggest beauty goings-on, it would be: hair. A cornucopia of colors flooded the Paris runways; a wash of new brunettes showed up on the red carpet; a few very high-profile cuts had us contemplating changing our lob into a bona fide bob; and an ingredient scandal rocked the salon establishment, possibly turning the curly-haired masses against straightening treatments for good. But there was plenty of other news to report as the holiday season began at the retail level and a certain teen idol made his grand entrée into the world of primping. (If we had to choose two more words to encompass the month that was, they’d be Justin and Bieber). Click here for more of the top stories.

Meet The Wondercap: The Formaldehyde-Free Answer To The Brazilian Blow-Out


With all of the hubbub surrounding the recent discovery of formaldehyde in many Brazilian blow-out treatments, many women plagued by frizzy hair are searching for alternatives to tame their wild manes. But not New Zealanders. The Kiwis have been lucky enough to get early exposure to local beauty guru Gail McJorrow’s Wondercap. Crafted from a heavy gel and filled with lupin seeds, the black microwavable cap (two minutes on high, in case you were wondering) fits snugly on the head and slowly releases heat into hair that’s been slathered with conditioner. “A deep treatment to tackle frizz and flyaways is simply not enough,” McJorrow says. “If you aren’t using heat, most of that expensive conditioning treatment will simply coat the hair and be washed down the drain.” That revelation isn’t necessarily news, but the natural product line used in conjunction with McJorrow’s heated cap is. Her Guardian Angel Intensive Treatment, which features a clear non-coloring Egyptian henna renowned for its ability to impart incredible shine to hair, is combed through clean, towel-dried hair, before a plastic cap is put on and covered with the Wondercap itself. Wait about ten minutes and style as usual. Does it look silly? Yes. Does it work? Also, yes. The product is slowly catching on in Australia and the U.K. At about $47, you may want to take advantage of the brand’s international shipping option online and enjoy one of the cheapest (and safest) ways to get smooth strands.

Photo: Courtesy of Wondercap