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From Paris, With Lovely Skin


We’ve been obsessed with the French skincare brand Herve Herau and its The Way of Alchemy Cream Gel ever since it bowed at Colette last year. Acquiring a jar of this antiaging miracle worker, however, meant forking over serious coin—or euro, rather—for shipping and handling at international rates. Fortunately, the French wonder has finally hit our shores, making its exclusive debut in Brooklyn at Woodley & Bunny’s increasingly impressive apothecary. So, what exactly does the Way of Alchemy mean? Simply put, it’s a “marriage between ecology and modern science,” says Herau, a skincare pro who’s staking his name on a single product (the emollient salve is the entirety of his line so far). As such, the paraben-free cream-gel contains only vegetable and mineral ingredients, including a unique brown seaweed that stimulates micro-circulation and sooths inflammation, along with Sisymbrium irio, a plant that’s nicknamed “Lady’s violet” and produces an oil rich in fatty acids to help regenerate damaged, aging skin. Based on personal experience, the velvety moisturizer is amazing for combination skin, too, since it only hydrates where needed and somehow diffuses light to cast a lovely, soft-lit glow. Like we said, miracle worker.

Photo: Courtesy of Herve Herau

Braids, Four Ways


We’ve never been bashful about sharing our love for braids in all their various incarnations on this blog—and for good reason. It’s utterly fascinating to us how one pretty basic technique (left, under, right, over) can be translated into so many different looks, all of which happen to be totally humidity-resistant. As summer winds down and an immovable raincloud settles above Manhattan, we asked the lovely ladies of Woodley & Bunny—stylist and co-founder Erin Anderson and stylist Katherine Munro—to share their favorite weather-proof braided ‘dos. Consider them good indoor activities to keep you busy during the scattered thunderstorms they’re predicting for the weekend.

The Pastel Side Plait
1. Spray a liberal amount of Sachajuan Ocean Mist through wet hair, create a side part, and then rough-dry using your hands instead of a brush.
2. Place individual colored clip-in extensions randomly throughout hair.
3. Run a pinky-sized dab of Sachajuan Hair Wax through the ends.
4. Gather hair to one side, do a two-strand braid, and tie with an elastic. Gently pull pieces out of the braid from the center to create a more lived-in look.
5. Finish with Sachajuan Volume Powder.

The Boku Braids
1. Apply a generous amount of Sachajuan Mousse all over and a dollop of Sachajuan Root Lift at the roots for added body. Blow-dry with a round brush.
2. Part hair in the middle and divide each section in two, French braiding both side sections to the nape of the neck and leaving the back sections loose. Secure with elastics.
3. Braid the loose hair using a classic three-strand braid technique and secure.
4. Leave loose or pin up randomly for allover texture.

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Smooth Moves Ahead


When it comes to hair oil, we count ourselves among the converted. It may seem counterintuitive, but oil treatments actually leave our hair less slick than anything else in our vast collection of products and considerably more soft. And the professionals are on board, too. “Hair oils have been used for centuries to scent hair, treat scalp issues, shape and style haircuts,” says Erin Anderson, stylist, artistic director and co-owner of Woodley & Bunny Salon and Apothecary. “They help to protect the hair by absorbing in and smoothing each strand. This will cut down on breakage caused by brushing and combing.” But oils are more than just prep, according to Anderson. “They’re great for both wet and dry styling, too, as they smooth, hydrate, and create a brilliant shine.” From personal experience, we can say that a little oil on dry, damaged ends goes a long way. Here, are top five picks for keeping locks healthy and glistening even in the face of blazing sun and surf.

Je Veux Argan Moroccan Oil
Our personal favorite, this lightweight oil smells heavenly and it lasts and lasts; our bottle is still going strong after six months of daily use.

Leonor Greyl Huile du Palm
Anderson’s personal favorite, this classic waterproof oil can be used in a multitude of ways—as a conditioner and blended with your go-to styling aids for extra hydration and sheen.

Rodin by Recine Luxury Hair Oil
A rich blend of eight essential oils like sweet almond, rosemary, and apricot, the hair version of Linda Rodin’s popular skin saver is as divine as its predecessor.

Davines SU Sun Oil
A good bet for beach days, this mix of vitamin E, jojoba, and argan oil has a UV shield to protect the hair (and skin, too!) from the damaging effects of the sun.

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue
This cult favorite acts as a panacea for brittle lengths and can be applied as a leave-in conditioner, thus minimizing your shower routine—which is always a plus.

Photo: Courtesy of

A One-Stop Beauty Shop Grows In Brooklyn


The full-service salon is pretty standard these days. Women want quality and convenience in their beautifying ventures, so adding a facial, an eyebrow waxing, or a cosmetic touch-up to a blow-out has become par for the course. The convenience factor at Williamsburg’s Woodley & Bunny has always been its well-edited apothecary, but owners Erin and Misha Anderson have finally decided to give the people what they want. Introducing the Beauty Room, where the sisters’ devoted hair clients can now get all the necessary extras. “We pull from everything we carry in the apothecary,” Misha says of the products used in their treatment menu, which includes waxing, facials, and Ole Henriksen and MD Skincare peels, as well as makeup applications using select items from brands like Smashbox, Susan Posnick, and Lipstick Queen. If anything, it’ll save Brooklynites a trip into Manhattan, which is always a welcomed reprieve.

Photo: Courtesy of Woodley and Bunny

Woodley & Bunny Goes Digital


Despite electing to shut down the clothing arm of their Williamsburg-based salon-boutique-apothecary triple play earlier this summer, Woodley & Bunny’s beauty business is booming. Sisters and co-owners Erin and Misha Anderson have just launched an e-commerce site for the well-edited selection of products from Sachajuan, Lipstick Queen, and Nuxe, among others, available at their North 10th Street storefront. Putting on hipster-approved leggings, riding boots, and a fedora to brave the Bedford Avenue L train stop just to get your beauty fix is no longer necessary—hurray.

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images