August 20 2014

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2 posts tagged "Yes To"

Why Naomi Watts Won’t Make The Cut; Say “Yes” To…Grapefruit; And More…


While Anne Hathaway continues to get press for the pixie cut she shorn to play Fantine in Les Mis, Naomi Watts admits that cutting her hair for a part is not an option. “I loved wearing a wig to play Princess Diana,” the British actress says of the blonde bob she wore while shooting Diana, the upcoming biopic about the late Princess of Wales. “But I’m not brave enough to go that short.” [Starpulse]

In more royal news, Kate Middleton tops the list for “most enviable hair of 2012,” according to a new poll—as if there was any question. [Huff Po]

Yes To, the brand that made carrot- (and, subsequently, tomato-, blueberry-, and cucumber-) lovers out of even the biggest fruit- and vegetablephobes, is introducing a new piece of freshly picked produce to its family of skin-saving salves: grapefruit. [WWD]

Texting while driving may be illegal, but what about powdering while driving? A new survey reveals that one in seven motorists applies makeup behind the wheel. (Guilty as charged). [London Evening Standard]

Photo: Neil Mockford/FilmMagic

Drugstore Discovery Of The Week: Yes To Haircare? Affirmative.


Since taking the mass market skincare aisle by storm with its Dead Sea mineral-packed, fruit and veggie-infused complexion savers five years back, Yes To has become quite the overachiever. The brand managed to become a formidable presence in the drugstore aisles right out of the gate, holding its own among countless stalwarts that have been occupying the space there for multiple decades. Maybe it’s the nearly entirely natural formulas or the simple myopic focus of each line (Yes to Carrots, Blueberries, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, et al.), but beauty buffs were quick to embrace its face and body staples. Now, there is more to love, as Yes To expands its focus to include haircare. The Carrot formulas are designed for scalp repair and frizz-fighting, the Blueberry for general hair health, and the Cucumber, our favorite, works to protect color-treated strands. The latter is bolstered by sunflower and aloe extracts to strengthen and hydrate tapped-out hair while helping your dye job endure just a wee bit longer—all effects we would happily say “yes” to.

Photo: Courtesy of Yes To