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Crimson And Clementine, Over And Over


Four years ago, a seismic event occurred in L.A. that rocked us to our core. It was the 78th Annual Academy Awards, and the earth shook when Michelle Williams emerged on the red carpet in that canary yellow, accordion-pleated Vera Wang dress boasting lashes out to there, soft bangs, and a perfect scarlet pout that would forever unite the lip color and the dress color in our minds. Fast-forward to last night’s Tony Awards, and there it was again, only this time, it was Lea Michele in a Zac Posen strapless number mixing crimson and tangerine. The Glee star chose a deeper, more burgundy red with shimmer as opposed to Williams’ glossy, true red stain, but it still managed to wow us with its shocking, complementary contrast. Sentimentality aside, which version do you like best?

Photo: Jennifer Graylock / AP Photo; Jen Lowry / Startraks Photo

Coco Rocha Avoids Volcano Flume, Paints The Town Pink


Coco Rocha was out and about in New York last night, twitpic’ing along the way. The model had caught one of the last flights out of Europe before the Icelandic volcano’s ash cloud shut air travel there down, and managed to hit up both the American Museum of Natural History’s annual spring dance as well as the party for Zac Posen’s Target pop-up shop (phew). How best to party-hop with no time for an outfit change? Wear black and choose a simple, statement beauty look. Coco’s primping products of choice included a thin black cat-eye, slight cheek contouring, and a strong pink lip, which creates a lovely contrast against her ivory skin, in our opinion. What do you think of the lip color?

Photo: Marion Curtis / Startraks Photo

Stéphane Marais Prefers to Stay Outside The Lines


We’ve already talked at length about eye shadow’s dominance on the Fall runways, but after seeing some interesting liner work at Jean Paul Gaultier on Saturday, we thought we’d take a minute to ruminate on pencils and liquid fine-point pens. While cat-eyes in varying thicknesses have shown up at many shows, we were dealing with something else entirely at Gaultier. “[His] collection was influenced by the world traveler,” Guido Palau mentioned backstage, where his job was made easy by a slew of hats and turbans, leaving only four girls with visible undone side ponytails to work with. That meant all impact had to come from the face, which was left in the hands of makeup artist extraordinaire Stéphane Marais. Marais chose to express this general globe-trotting aesthetic with a geometric eye, composed of a bleached brow and blended strokes of black eye kohl. The first thing we thought when we saw the look wasn’t so much international wanderer as Zac Posen. Although cleaner and more structured, the design reminded us of the “trashy with dignity” peepers Marais cooked up for Posen last month in New York, using short, deliberately smudged black dashes to create his desired effect. Who says eyeliner should be confined to the lash line, anyway?

Photo: Greg Kessler /; Luca Cannonieri /

“Trashy With Dignity” At Zac Posen


Zac Posen shifted his attention from red-carpet gowns to easy-wearing, up-all-night party pieces yesterday at the Altman building, and he instructed his makeup and hair teams to follow suit. For face-painting phenom Stéphane Marais, the new direction conjured images of young women who are trendy and chic. “She’s modern, but her makeup isn’t perfect because then she looks too bourgeois—I wanted it to be elegant and fierce,” he said. In makeup terms, this translated to smudged black eyeliner, which we’ve been seeing a lot of for Fall (an homage to an undone look popularized by Kate Moss, whose hard-partying beauty secrets have been inspiring backstage looks all week). Marais’ version was heavy on itinerant dashes of onyx pigment that he blended with his finger for a “melted” effect. “Trashy with dignity,” he called his handiwork, which included a transparent red lip stain blocked out with concealer on most of the lip line so that the color only popped in the center. Hairstylist Odile Gilbert’s loose, middle-parted waves were a bit more soft and structured, which added the class factor here to properly appeal to the uptown-minded downtown set that Posen usually caters to.

Photo: Greg Kessler /

First Look: Dree Hemingway, The Nail Polish


While meandering around the Altman Building this morning, perusing the backstage beauty look at Zac Posen, we got to talking with nail guru Deborah Lippmann. On hand to paint models’ nails and toes with My Romance, a pretty pink from her eponymous collection, she used the cameo to showcase her new Summer collection, which includes a bright-red jelly polish that we were immediately drawn to. “I made that one for Dree Hemingway,” Lippman said of the lacquer she named “Supermodel.” “A lot of my celebrity clients ask for colors,” Lippmann went on, explaining that that kind of immortalization needs to “happen organically.” In this case, the collaboration occurred when the manicurist and the model were on a shoot together with editorial coiffing mega-star Christiaan, who happens to love the very same sheer red varnish. Look out for this one when it launches in May.

Photo: Courtesy of Lippmann Collection