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The Perfect Pour


The flower fight broke out around 10 p.m. last night at New York’s The Hole gallery, where fashion and art stars had gathered to celebrate the opening of Holton Rower’s solo show. “It’s happening,” effused an elated Zani Gugelmann as she picked up a handful of freshly torn petals off the table and tossed them in the direction of Charlotte Ronson and Tallulah Harlech as Julian Schnabel looked on. Dinner was served in the middle of the gallery’s main show space, the walls of which have been lined with Rower’s large-scale “pour paintings” since his exhibition officially opened last weekend. “It’s the best-looking show we’ve done,” Hole director Kathy Grayson said of the multicolored boards created by different cups of plastic paint that are poured into one another, thus “pushing” the previous color outward, according to Rower, who has used up to 50 gallons of plastic artist paint in up to 500 different colors to create some of his bigger pieces.

“The thing about this, it’s not just the surface, it’s about material, it’s about body. You could just paint that painting,” Rower said, motioning to a 16-by-16-foot wall hanging. “But the fact that it’s physical, that the paint was pushed around obstacles…it’s like the paint is fighting,” he continued of the amorphous shapes that his custom-mixed pigments take on when they move around purposefully positioned platforms—or, as was the case last night, bottles of Dior nail polish. To coincide with the 50th anniversary of its Vernis—which was the first-ever line of designer lacquer when it launched in 1962—Dior Beauty sponsored the evening and gave Rower five different varnish shades, which inspired Hole creative director Fabiola Beracasa’s super-pro nail designs and the final colors the artist added to the live pour piece he created after dinner, including the iconic Rouge Altesse No. 999, a fiery red, and Gris Montaigne No. 707, a steely slate. “In your gift bags, you have these five colors,” he told a fawning crown before doing a little fawning himself. “Oooh, pretty,” he cooed as he poured. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Ivanka Trump, Alexa Rodulfo Light Up The Night


If you’re wondering what newly hitched power couple Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner did on their wedding night, we’ve got the steamy details: After their nuptials, the pair sparked up Bois Blanc, from Alexa Rodulfo’s new collection of scented candles. Rodulfo, the go-to hair and makeup artist for New York’s social set, gifted it to Trump, who is one of her devoted, longtime clients. “She can’t shake me,” the heiress and real estate mogul-in-her-own-right joked last night from her jewelry boutique on Madison Avenue, where she hosted an intimate gathering to celebrate Rodulfo’s fragrance endeavor. “I’d like to do a makeup line, sure, but candles have always been my passion,” the Mexican-born face painter said. “Perfume and aroma are like blending colors—there’s no limit.” Clients and friends like Lauren Santo Domingo, Amanda Hearst, Fabiola Beracasa, and Zani Gugelmann were also in attendance to fête the three-piece line, which follows Bois d’Alexa, an instant hit with the jet-set crowd when it debuted last year. “It’s like gangbusters—everything is selling out!” Trump said of the candles, which are currently stocked at Aedes de Venustas in New York and Colette in Paris—not to mention all Trump hotels worldwide. “Quality sells, even in this economy,” she added. “People want substance.”

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