August 21 2014

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A Globe-Trotting Guy’s Beauty Hot Spots


Dr-Marko-LensBesides being an esteemed expert in the field of skin cancer, fellow at the Royal College of Surgeons, and one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons (he is known for a particular finesse with laser lifts and customized acid peels) in London at his private practice, the Cadogan Clinic, Dr. Marko Lens is also the man responsible for one of our very favorite skincare splurges: Zelens. Specifically, the Transformer Instant Renewal Mask, which delivers on the promise in its name. Did we mention he’s also totally charming and handsome? Here, the London-based authority on all things skin shares some of his own grooming and getaway favorites.

THE HAIRSTYLIST: Daniel Hersheson, London

“Hersheson and his son Luke are very talented stylists who know what to do with the hair to make sure it always look classy, but at the same time modern. I love the warm atmosphere at their two-story salon which has been just recently beautifully refurbished. Hersheson is also famous for his blow-dry bars located in the busiest stores across London.”



“Linda’s hands are magic. Your skin will look clean, radiant, and plump after her one-hour, tailor-made treatment. Linda has an amazing reputation among A-list celebrities and royals around the world.”



“With no question this is the best place to shop for natural food in London. There’s great variety of products and a good vibe inside the store. The flagship is located in Knightsbridge.”


“This is an exclusive fitness space located in Soho and in Marelybone in London. It is well-designed and equipped with the latest cardio and free weights equipment. I love going to the Pilates and Gyrotonic studios.”



“I adore Sicily. The moment you land you can smell beautiful Mediterranean plants and the food is amazing, I always want to try different local specialties. And I am in love with Palermo, a city with impressive classical Sicilian architecture and an incredible vibe. My favorite hotel is called Grand Hotel Villa Igiea, which is a landmark building constructed more than one hundred years ago by famous Italian architect Ernesto Basile. Initially it was a private villa the family Florio used as a health center for their daughter.”



“This is a real oasis of well-being located in the heart of Paris, on beautiful Place Vendôme. Wonderful holistic face and body treatments performed by experienced staff quickly invigorate you and help you counteract stress and aging. If you are in Paris this is a pampering must.”


THE STYLE STOP: Trois Pommes, Zurich

“I love this boutique store’s selection of brands. If you are lucky you may also meet the owner, Ms. Trudie Goetz, who is a real woman of the world; she will quickly scan your style and give you the best fashion advice. I loved her comment: ‘Marko, you are still too young to wear this. You need something more modern and easy.’ Noted.”



“It’s simply the best resource for a large variety of grooming products. And the well-trained staff gives you best beauty advice. I am very fond of founder Nicky Kinnaird, who created this cult store with the idea of offering the consumer a regimen specifically tailored to their skin’s needs. She has been very supportive of Zelens, and I am always very grateful for her input.”



“The Zelens Transformer Instant Renewal Mask is my holy grail product. Developed as a red-carpet facial for Hollywood stars, this high-tech, advanced mask will give you incredible results after only fifteen minutes: Skin will look instantly smoother, more glowing and noticeably youthful. I use it two to three times per week, or before going to dinner or to a party. To combat all visible signs of aging, I use my Youth Concentrate Supreme Age-Defying Serum. This serum is fortified with eight potent peptides that work in synergy with other active ingredients to provide a long-lasting effect. I recommend smoothing it over your face, neck and décolletage.”


Nighttime Is The Right Time


Zelens-Stem-ComplexIt’s often hard to put in the time it takes to see a skincare product through to its full potential, to stay loyal to a single bottle, or tub, or tube for the full three to four weeks it typically takes to witness visible results. It’s even harder when you’re a beauty editor and tens of hundreds of different creams and salves cross your desk on any given day. During my specific tenure at this specific desk, however, I’ve found that I’m way more diligent about sticking to a skincare regimen when I’m traveling, so that’s when I do most of my “testing,” as it were—and how I ultimately fell for Zelens Stem Complex Rejuvenating Overnight Treatment.

The love affair began back in December, on board a Celebrity Cruise ship (believe it), where I was holed up for a week in between day trips to Nassau and Jamaica. After multiple hours on deck and countless applications of sunscreen, I couldn’t wait to wash my face and treat it to Dr. Marko Lens’ velvety gel that truly made me look and feel refreshed when I’d wake up in the morning. I initially attributed that to the much-needed tan I took home with me from the Caribbean, and I put the preview sample I garnered prior to the cream’s spring release back in my carry-on, where it stayed until I hit my next destination, Rockport, Maine, where I spent the holiday following that short stint of life at sea. There, too, I relished in slathering the product onto my winter-weary complexion every night before an unexpectedly early bedtime (and even earlier wake-up calls, thanks to a particularly excited 7-year-old on Christmas morning). I was back on the road the following week, home with my family, this time in Philadelphia, and that’s when the revelation hit me—or hit everyone around me: The general consensus was that my skin looked “glowing.” And it did. Brighter, tighter, plumper, and altogether less, well, drained.

“If you want to make your stem cells work, you need to give them good conditions,” Dr. Lens explained to me when I recently had the pleasure of thanking him profusely for the product’s transformative powers. “During the day, you don’t have that. [You] are fighting environmental factors. It’s much easier to target and stimulate stem cells at night,” he continued of the hot-button topic pertaining to premature sites that can develop into any type of cell that we need. His main goal was to stimulate these cells with a revolutionary mix of active peptides that boost their regenerative properties, rather than to re-create them or substitute them with popular plant stem cells, which the good doctor is not a fan of. “I don’t believe in plant stem cells, simply because they are from a plant. They have nothing to do with our real stem cells. They’re just cells from the stems of the plants, rather than the leaves, et cetera, and [they're] dead. They have some soothing properties for the skin, but no more than that.” Sound science aside, it’s the texture of the cream itself, which is an incredibly luxurious treat before bedtime, that kept me coming back in those cold winter months—and will continue to make it a must during these long summer nights.

Photo: Courtesy of Zelens

Zelens’ Wintertime Sleep Aid


One of the main reasons we would probably never find ourselves with a permanent L.A. address is the lack of changing seasons. (Truth: The traffic is also a major deterrent.) Our bodies feel somehow off balance without that temperate shift, even when it does happen in the dramatic fashion typical of New York. But while our body clock has always functioned better with seasonal changes, our skin, most definitely has not, particularly, say, right about now. The physical effects of the arrival of cold weather have always been a bit seismic (read: hypersensitized with a semi-permanent veil of redness), so it was with great anticipation that we greeted the arrival of Zelens’ latest product designed especially with repair in mind. A superrich, concentrated formula packed with peptides, hyaluronic acid, and time-honored soothers like vitamin E, olive oil, and arnica, the new Z Recovery Intensive Repair Balm has an immediate “ah” effect on your complexion. While it may be a touch too dense for daylong wear, there is nothing more ideal than patting on a slender layer before hitting the sack. Take that, winter.

Photo: Courtesy of Zelens

Dr. Marko Lens’ Chemical Romance


This column features weekly tips and advice from a revolving cast of industry leaders, on hand to discuss your beauty dilemmas, from blemishes to Botox. To submit a question, e-mail celia _ellenberg@fairchildfashion.

I’m ready for my first laser treatment and want to know how best to proceed as far as treating my lingering dark spots quickly, efficiently, and with the least downtime. Is Fraxel my best bet?

I am not a big fan of Fraxel as it is painful, and frankly I have not seen that it gives any better results than a standard chemical peel. It’s non-invasive and effectively removes dark spots and resurfaces the skin, but the skin really looks sunburnt for a week. Furthermore, it’s considerably more expensive than a peel. I quite like customized chemical peels that combine alpha and beta hydroxy acids together with TCA [trichloracetic acid]. The combination of acids exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells, but it also resurfaces while removing dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation. Based on the concentration of the acids that we are combine, we can determine the depth of the peel and customize it to the patient’s needs. It’s excellent and a much cheaper alternative to Fraxel.

Dr. Marko Lens is a consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon and an internationally renowned expert in the field of skin cancer and skin aging. A fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Dr. Lens works out of his own private practice in London, where his extensive research into the process of skin aging led him to create Zelens, a range of advanced cosmeceuticals that utilize potent plant-derived ingredients spiked with biotechnological actives.

Photo: Getty Images archives

How To Get Your Zs


Zelens, the high-end skincare brand dreamt up by dapper British plastic surgeon Dr. Marco Lens, has its fair share of ardent devotees. Case in point: A former co-worker (with a seriously amazing complexion) was so hooked on the brand, she not-so-briefly considered naming her first child Zelens—true story! What is it about the well-researched lineup with a unique complex of multiple ingredients that work in synergy to protect, regenerate, and repair the skin that inspires such fervor? Unlike many of its spendy competitors, it’s more than just smoke and mirrors—i.e., it actually works. Now, at long last, there are new offerings to obsess over. Dr. Lens has just debuted a trio of products that includes the Radiance Luminous Facial Cleanser, which was inspired by traditional Japanese bathing rituals and features camellia oil and pearl extracts to hydrate and cleanse skin while imbuing it with a natural glow. Then there’s the peptide-packed Triple-Action Advanced Eye Cream, which has, as the name implies, multiple purposes and simultaneously acts to bring down puffiness, minimize dark circles, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Finally, there’s the velvety 3t Complex Essential Anti-Aging Cream, a rich, deeply hydrating concoction with ursolic and hyaluronic acids, vitamin E, rice, and an exotic resin derived from the Guggul tree that has magical plumping powers. Don’t blame us if there’s a boom in babies named Zelens.

$60-$150, available at

Photo: Courtesy of Zelens