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Anita Pallenberg

When Harmony Korine was looking for an actress to play a Queen of England impersonator in his quirky new flick Mister Lonely, he settled on an unexpected but inspired choice: Anita Pallenberg. If ever there was a First Lady of Rock, it would be the hard-partying, Italian-born beauty who held court over the Rolling Stones' entourage—where pretty girls were as disposable as guitar picks—for nearly two decades. "Anita is a Rolling Stone," said Jo Bergman, the band's one-time assistant. "Her influence has been profound. She keeps things crazy."

Indeed. Pallenberg left no Stone unturned, so to speak, romancing Brian Jones, Keith Richards, and, rumor has it, Mick Jagger. Jones, the band's ill-fated guitarist, was the first to fall for what pal Marianne Faithfull dubbed Pallenberg's "evil glamour" after meeting her backstage at a Stones concert in 1965. But despite a shared passion for mod fashion and the mysteries of the occult, the union was a rocky one and, in 1967, Pallenberg ran off with Richards while the band was on holiday in Morocco. Unfortunately, her appetite for self-destruction matched that of her hard-living paramour, and after 13 years, two children (son Marlon and daughter Angela), and a joint heroin bust, the couple called it quits on the advice of Richards' lawyers.

A kohl-eyed icon whose style has influenced younger friends like Kate Moss, Pallenberg is foremost an actress by trade. Her credits include Barbarella and the 1970 avant-garde film Performance (the setting for her alleged affair with co-star Mick Jagger). While her appearance in Mister Lonely serves as a reminder of her unique screen presence, the 64-year-old says she has no interest in aggressively pursuing a film career at this stage of the game. "My life has become about the little things," she said recently. "It was all about the big things at first and now it's all little things."

—Evelyn Crowley
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