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Peggy Lipton

"Notice me if you like my work. Notice me if you want to be my lover," was leggy Peggy Lipton's swingy sixties mantra. And there was no lack of reasons to notice this beautiful Long Island-turned-California girl. Eileen Ford did and signed the fresh-scrubbed teen to a modeling contract. Aaron Spelling did, too, and catapulted the 21-year-old to fame in 1968 as The Mod Squad's undercover cop from the San Francisco 'hood. With her long, straw-colored, center-parted hair; wide-set, nut-brown eyes; bell-bottoms; and love beads, Lipton's fragile yet streetwise Julie Barnes epitomized the era's free-love look. Off screen, she played the man magnet, admitting in her hot-off-the-press autobiography, Breathing Out, to relationships with Paul McCartney, Terence Stamp, his brother Chris, Keith Moon, and Elvis Presley, not to mention her husband of 15 years, Quincy Jones. In the early nineties, David Lynch tapped Lipton for the enigmatic Norma Jennings role in Twin Peaks. More recently, she appeared on Alias, teaching Jennifer Garner's sexy secret agent a thing or two about nabbing bad guys and looking hot. As her Mod Squad co-stars would say, "Solid."

—Laird Borrelli

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