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Ties, putters, and universal remote controls are flying off store shelves, and that can only mean one thing: Father's Day is around the corner. But what to get the dad who's got everything? No doubt that question is weighing heavily on the minds of Stella McCartney, Sofia Coppola, and Ivanka Trump, among others. After all, how do you show your love for the guy who gave you not only the gift of life, but also beauty, style, connections, a talent for success, and a sizable trust fund? Father dearest, indeed.

This month, celebrates a few of our favorite daddy-daughter pairs, from the legendary (Pablo and Paloma Picasso) to the lippy (Mick and Georgia Jagger). We've got a word to the wise for these daddy's girls, too: As Euripides once said, "To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter." So don't worry about the gifts—though you really can't go wrong with the universal remote. Happy Father's Day.

—Maya Singer

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