Beauty Icon: Funny Ladies

Carole Lombard
Comedienne Carole Lombard was known by many names: Jane Alice Peters, as she was born; "the Screwball Queen of the Screen," according to fan rags back in the thirties; "the Profane Angel," as director Mitchell Leisen nicknamed her, because "she looked like an angel and swore like a sailor." She was also known as Mrs. Clark Gable. The Brad Pitt of his day, Gable said he fell for Lombard watching her dizzy turn in the classic My Man Godfrey. (In another Brangelina echo, Lombard starred in a film called Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which has absolutely nothing to do with the recent flick but is worth watching just to see Alfred Hitchcock do comedy.) The Screwball Queen came to a tragic end: Lombard was killed in a plane crash at age 33.

Photo: Bettmann / Corbis