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Kate Winslet has hotly denied recent rumors that she'll play Vivienne Westwood in an upcoming biopic. To which we say, are you kidding? What actress would turn down the opportunity to play one of fashion's most intriguing characters? Just think of the costume changes…

Yes, there'd be the dreary schoolteacher garb to start, but then came Westwood's peroxide provocateur phase, in which she played partner-in-crime to Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and the model for ripped-and-safety-pinned T-shirt-wearing punks everywhere. In the eighties, the designer was her own best advertisement for the mini crinis and reconstructed eighteenth-century garb she put on the Paris runway. Cut to 1993, when Naomi Campbell took her infamous catwalk spill in Westwood's ten-inch platforms; we'd like to see Winslet give those a try. Fast-forward to today—when fashion's great crusader isn't sporting tiny horns in her dyed orange locks, she's wearing a headband that reads "branded" and proselytizing an anti-consumerist message that must give her business managers some sleepless nights. Come on, Kate, reconsider.

—Evelyn Crowley

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