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Big hair and heavy makeup. They were once as synonymous with country music as heartbreak and moonshine. In some parts, they still are: "People still tell me I wear too much makeup in the daytime," Dolly Parton recently told Canada's National Post. "I say, 'You mind your own business, I'll wear my makeup when I want to, how I want to.' "

We're not about to argue with Dolly, just as we'll always have a deep affection for Crystal Gayle's knee-grazing, dark brown mane, not to mention the teased-up-to-there wigs and falls Oscar winner Sissy Spacek donned to play Gayle's sister Loretta Lynn in 1980's Coal Miner's Daughter. "I must use a truckload of [hair spray] every year," said Lynn, the subject of a new tribute album with contributions from Sheryl Crow, Lucinda Williams, Miranda Lambert, et al.

These days, of course, Nashville has gone mainstream. (See the rise of Swift, T., and before her, Underwood, C.) And this month, Manhattan blue blood Gwyneth Paltrow will try to replicate Spacek's Academy Award coup, playing a fallen Nashville star in Country Strong. She looks like a cross between Faith Hill and Swift. In other words, the truckload of hair spray stayed on the truck.

Here are some of our favorite countrified beauty moments, past and present.

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