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This is not really a lookbook about trends so much, as it encapsulates fantastic pieces from numerous collections. I talk about several trends I noticed, but I really wanted to highlight some phenomenal work by our favorite designers.

By User: Gordman810 on Mar 22, 2007 | 86 images

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My Favourites of winter 2007

By User: natalie_muffin_2 on Mar 21, 2007 | 28 images

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By User: johnston on Mar 17, 2007 | 7 images

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A collection of the cute, classic, and fun looks of Spring '07.

By User: tinkerbell87 on Mar 16, 2007 | 15 images

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Pictures and Randomness I love from

By User: kmv84 on Mar 15, 2007 | 6 images

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These are all looks that I look forward to wearing this coming year!

By User: Candy6 on Mar 15, 2007 | 126 images

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By User: heycelia on Mar 13, 2007 | 4 images

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hi mom - the first dress is to just show you the material and design- i like the second dress's design and the third one - i did not get a chance to do the measurement so i will send them to later- hopefully u will get them in time

By User: rubysodhi on Mar 12, 2007 | 5 images

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a mixed bag of tasty fashion & society treats...

By User: mollykennedy on Mar 11, 2007 | 16 images

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you will regret not clickin on this,.. i tell ya!,. my lookbook rocks!!!

By User: juliaelskertrille on Mar 10, 2007 | 16 images

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