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just what i need for 2009

By User: paula_bella on Jan 21, 2009 | 365 images

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What I will be coercing my beau into wearing this season.

By User: Stylestarlyte on Jan 25, 2007 | 7 images

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Get an idea of what to wear this summer by looking to some pictures... These are some that I've been saving for you!

By User: valeriaizzo on Jun 24, 2008 | 19 images

73% Rating

Advice on what to wear when this Summer!HOPE Y'ALL LIKE IT!:)

By User: stylistblair on May 30, 2008 | 13 images

69% Rating

A style guide for a super chic glam girl like moi!

By User: stylistblair on May 04, 2007 | 13 images

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Fall/ Winter 2008 wish and shopping list.

By User: tigerbod on Aug 05, 2008 | 33 images

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My personal style for this Winter in NYC. For the vixen who exudes as much confidence in an androgynous outfit as she does armed with nothing but a killer coat, opaque tights, and heavy smoky eyes.

By User: JesseyFinizio on Feb 03, 2008 | 23 images

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What I will buy

By User: Raprap on May 15, 2007 | 64 images

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What I'll be wearing to transition from Winter into Spring

By User: laurbair44 on Feb 28, 2007 | 54 images

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If I had the money here is what I would definetly buying this winter! ^__^

By User: Olive1993 on Sep 30, 2007 | 10 images

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