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Garments and looks that seem inspired by Queen Elizabeth I.

By User: yvosper23 on Jul 04, 2012 | 5 images

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Neon Brights are a must have trend for this Spring/Summer season here is a small selection of my favorites.

By User: xprincessjessx on Jan 18, 2008 | 27 images

66% Rating

great designers, and styles on the runway.

By User: xoxhollisterxox on Jul 22, 2007 | 39 images

61% Rating

Exactly what the title suggests. A collection of the biggest and boldest accessories of the season!

By User: xdarkmagic on Nov 01, 2007 | 24 images

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Fashions fade, but style is eternal. Best beauty and style of Spring 2008.

By User: wordisbird on Jan 12, 2008 | 36 images

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RTW Fall 2008 outfits i prefer

By User: Wadman on Jul 31, 2008 | 115 images

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Q's black and white picks from the runways and carpets across the globe.

By User: VitaminQ on Sep 30, 2008 | 8 images

60% Rating

Trendy style,fashionistas chic..The Best Ever!!!!

By User: VanillaIce on Jan 16, 2008 | 42 images

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Get an idea of what to wear this summer by looking to some pictures... These are some that I've been saving for you!

By User: valeriaizzo on Jun 24, 2008 | 19 images

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here are some looks i think will translate well into outfits wearable for school (in my case, college)

By User: tttrishhha on Feb 16, 2008 | 85 images

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