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The Chic, Beauty,and the Love for Fashion and Life.

By User: _EmoryAlanna_ on Oct 01, 2013 | 24 images

68% Rating

This LoOkBoOk showcases exceptional details and designs that I consider interesting, unique and for the most part wearable.

By User: Allthingsfashion on Oct 25, 2007 | 22 images

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Just best beauty decisions 09

By User: Alysiya on Sep 27, 2009 | 46 images

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my beauty inspirations: a synopsis of my personal beauty icons.

By User: amabran on Feb 27, 2008 | 10 images

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Hair and make up.

By User: amandaox on Feb 10, 2008 | 28 images

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The kind of make up and hair the ramp is known for.

By User: Anajnasedan on Oct 12, 2008 | 30 images

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beauty, trends, aromaleigh,, makeup, drama, everyday, workday, night out, mineral makeup, kristen leigh bell, miss k

By User: aromaleigh on Jun 07, 2010 | 66 images

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there are various reasons which make model or celebrity popular. One of the reason is to have a face that is unusual. For some such faces are wierd but for others they are just from another realm or time

By User: arsh on May 27, 2009 | 32 images

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The 'girl with the most chic' is always ahead of the trends, often setting them herself; she possesses that elusive "cool" we all covet. Most of all, she is effortless, authentic, and highly unlikely to acknowledge her own inherent chicness.

By User: b_fly4fashion on Jul 08, 2013 | 214 images

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All things gorge in the makeup, hair world.

By User: bflyka on Jan 17, 2012 | 3 images

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