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Clothes that I would like to wear. :)

By User: iamerx on Aug 31, 2011 | 191 images

66% Rating

Just A colection of things that remind me of the French Belle Epoque, and the Art Neuveau movement. Muschaesque drapery, Beardsley, Japonism.

By User: ayla_meridian on Dec 13, 2007 | 50 images

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Cut of the Cloth created her lookbook on!

By User: cutofthecloth on Nov 01, 2010 | 11 images

80% Rating

Close-up shots from Fall R2W 2008 to Spring R2W 2013 fashion shows. Go backwards if you want to start from the latest season! I'm always updating it!

By User: dilani on Apr 08, 2013 | 1145 images

64% Rating

Colors and shapes must have

By User: dreamdreamer1 on Jun 15, 2008 | 383 images

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be a perfect bridesmaid.

By User: hanifee on Dec 01, 2010 | 15 images

73% Rating

A look of beautiful dark designs.

By User: ladyjenyfurr on May 11, 2010 | 75 images

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Just some shots that are inspiring, some shows remarkable workmanship and some are just simply brilliant cutting.

By User: lianaliep on Aug 17, 2009 | 41 images

66% Rating

Black, Fur, Metallic, Short Hems, Lace, Stam, Pivovarova, Roslyakova, Ward, Stam..

By User: loveme_jessy on Jul 16, 2007 | 167 images

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The most amazing close ups of detail I could find! Enjoy!

By User: mandysparky on May 14, 2011 | 88 images

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