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Leopard & Zebra at the fall's RTW and CTR shows

By User: ablahnik on Sep 21, 2007 | 48 images

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Babushkas, Hood (or something on them similar) at the fall's RTW shows

By User: ablahnik on Sep 21, 2007 | 72 images

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sequins giving tweeds, garbs, furs,& knits a little kick; basically still punching through no matter what you put in its way*

By User: adrianejamison on Apr 07, 2010 | 15 images

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wish list for fashion this year

By User: adtjn on Feb 05, 2009 | 55 images

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London's calling screams Romantic vs. Modern. (Trends from the Fall 2008 London shows)

By User: alessandria on Jan 13, 2011 | 108 images

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A love Triangle - Classicism meets modernism which then becomes infatuated with romaticism. (Trends from the Fall 2008 Milan Collections)

By User: alessandria on Feb 28, 2008 | 314 images

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(trends from the Fall 2008 Paris shows)

By User: alessandria on Jul 03, 2008 | 336 images

68% Rating

No discription. The designs speak for themselves.

By User: allureprincess18 on Jul 07, 2009 | 57 images

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Just the best in my opignion of Runaway looks, collections spring/summer 2010

By User: Alysiya on Oct 16, 2009 | 251 images

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black and white are the most important colors in my closet. these outfits prove that a lack of color doesn't have to be written off as boring...

By User: amabran on Jun 25, 2008 | 18 images

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