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Unconventional style

By User: jkoskela on May 05, 2007 | 25 images

68% Rating

Just some pretty things and pictures that I really like and/or want.

By User: fancycat on Jul 20, 2007 | 94 images

73% Rating

Inspiration for something abstractly different. Keep pushing to expand the creativity of your makeup.

By User: oneheckofawoman on Jul 26, 2007 | 29 images

not yet rated

creativity is key, even in the simplest form.

By User: maryoh on Nov 12, 2007 | 38 images

not yet rated

A pick of some great Fall 08 styles with a sophisticated yet edgy look.

By User: mtoal on Feb 08, 2008 | 43 images

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Technical genius, Alexander McQueen. Makes me proud to be British, we do creativity and controversy better than anyone else. And here's why....

By User: KittyH on Mar 17, 2008 | 100 images

not yet rated

The Shoes From Spring 2008 had color and Character This lookbook shows all the things A designer could Do with a shoe

By User: MonteJ on May 18, 2008 | 212 images

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looks juveviles diferentes entretenidos y coloriiiidos

By User: aitus on Jun 21, 2008 | 62 images

not yet rated

The most beautiful, the most intricately worked, the most lavish, the most creatively designed couture evening dresses.

By User: Anajnasedan on Sep 28, 2008 | 66 images

not yet rated

They're not practical and they might not even be pretty, but these shoes all represent the sumptuousness and creativeness designer wear is known for.

By User: Anajnasedan on Oct 12, 2008 | 41 images

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