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creativity is key, even in the simplest form.

By User: maryoh on Nov 12, 2007 | 38 images

65% Rating

this is for the elegant woman*

By User: maryoh on Nov 12, 2007 | 89 images

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They're not practical and they might not even be pretty, but these shoes all represent the sumptuousness and creativeness designer wear is known for.

By User: Anajnasedan on Oct 12, 2008 | 41 images

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Spring 09 RTW best, in my opinion Constantly updating this one with new pieces and edits as I notice trends over innovation

By User: nadiathinks on Jan 10, 2009 | 111 images

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Really simple design can translate in exceptionally complex ways. Sometimes less is more.

By User: Erika14 on Apr 07, 2009 | 33 images

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My Pre-Fall Selections

By User: alixpshedd on Jul 18, 2009 | 22 images

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This is a compendium of looks that encompass a broad base of styles, cuts and fits that I like. It is nowhere near comprehensive, but serves as a good idea of my basic design aesthetic.

By User: MissBrunette on Apr 28, 2010 | 157 images

73% Rating

Runway inspirations

By User: 1Bunnie on Jul 22, 2010 | 283 images

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AloaStyle Choices

By User: AloaStyle_NY on Oct 26, 2010 | 4 images

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My picks from the Pre-Fall 2011 fashion season. - Recommend J : Recommend Me

By User: P1Snowflake on Dec 16, 2010 | 30 images

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