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70% Rating

From the perfect little black dresses, to black and white dresses, to bold black gowns, black is always in fashion and these prove why.

By User: classicchick on Jul 09, 2014 | 85 images

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black and blue all over the runways

By User: calliopejen on Feb 13, 2007 | 103 images

71% Rating

If you are a type of black addicted and you are constantly looking for some fresh inspirations take a closer look what will bring you a new closely what is slipping throught the night.

By User: vintagegoa on Jun 20, 2007 | 359 images

86% Rating

All too often, women of color are visibly absent in the fashion industry. Here's a short compilation of past and present beauties who have strutted their stuff on runway and inspired many.

By User: meme12 on Apr 12, 2007 | 55 images

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black dresses and more.

By User: JHdesignsCo on Mar 06, 2007 | 48 images

66% Rating

Dark and black from smaller fashion houses

By User: Cornelia on Feb 19, 2007 | 9 images

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Spring 2007 Most of the collections contained a lot of clear, silver, white and black. Transparency, translucency, clearness, monochromatic looks.

By User: trufashionista on Apr 04, 2007 | 454 images

66% Rating

I have noticed lately the amount of gorgeous flowy, and tailored black pieces coming down the runway. This is just a showcase of the original feminine color, and shows a modern spin on it.

By User: Charmander on Oct 06, 2007 | 43 images

62% Rating

10 looks I love from spring 2007 shows and I would love to have!Everything short,mini,sexy!bright color:red,pink,fuxia and white!

By User: giulib on Jan 22, 2007 | 10 images

not yet rated

A tastefull extravaganza: fur, jewled belts, colorful shoes.

By User: mafemiguel on Feb 25, 2011 | 41 images

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