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Young Ladies Guide

By User: sheannam on Jul 28, 2008 | 17 images

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Not over the top runway looks for colder weather or the Fall/Winter season. Great skirts, booties, and layered looks with jackets and scarves.

By User: Nicene on Sep 17, 2008 | 13 images

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Favorite fall looks

By User: cutoital on Oct 09, 2008 | 127 images

68% Rating

2008 aw rtw other

By User: normajeanbaby on Dec 09, 2008 | 37 images

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Classics Revamped!

By User: prettymuscles on Jan 09, 2009 | 22 images

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SS 2008 other

By User: normajeanbaby on Feb 06, 2009 | 34 images

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for all the dress addicts here :) dresses, dresses! and some color as well. here are just some fantastic dresses and some colorful outfits I really love and I think a petite girl like me would look great in :)

By User: silver_foxx on Feb 18, 2009 | 105 images

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pre-fall 2009 favs

By User: normajeanbaby on Jul 09, 2009 | 76 images

65% Rating

A feminine view.

By User: fagima on Jul 10, 2009 | 78 images

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Enough black, enough cold, enough snow!

By User: lhans on Dec 21, 2009 | 16 images


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