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Details! Details! Details!

By User: Erika14 on Sep 16, 2009 | 24 images

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Stuff from over the past 6 months or so that has grabbed my attention. It is all chosen because it is inspiring, so not everything is actually nice.

By User: jess_skye on Sep 03, 2009 | 94 images

64% Rating

it is classic but yet fresh.... something that helps you to "Clean the eye" from all the junc around. Also, there are practical simple tips there for the short girl that l am...

By User: Pinky28 on Dec 01, 2008 | 81 images

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personal favorites for spring 2007.

By User: theelysiansound on Jul 24, 2008 | 21 images

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It is the first of many to come,so hope you like my selection. These are the best creations (in my opinion) the spring season offered.

By User: fashionista_luv on Jan 20, 2008 | 88 images

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Spring 2007

By User: gi81 on Oct 12, 2007 | 36 images

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Alot of the new spring items out , look like ensembles that were trendy in the past, but now they just have a futuristic look to them,.. i love it all, and i aspire to have this lookbook in my closet in the next month...

By User: mss0undview on Jul 12, 2007 | 33 images

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The Japanese inspired looks of John Galliano's Spring 2007 couture collectionf for Christian Dior are a series of amazingly constructed and beautiful garments. Outstanding. Icy @

By User: individualchic on Jul 03, 2007 | 6 images

not yet rated

My favorite looks from the Spring 2007 collections- please check them out!

By User: buchanan85 on Apr 09, 2007 | 81 images

66% Rating

My picks for Couture Spr07

By User: xdarkmagic on Mar 02, 2007 | 44 images

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